CCM19 Single Download Versions - One-Time Purchase Price

This version includes as many calls as you want, as many subpages as you want and updates and support for 1 year from the date of purchase. After the expiration of the year the version will of course continue to run, but no more updates can be applied. An update license can be purchased at any time for a 30% discount.

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39,90 EUR
1 domain
One time price / no subscription
ProductId: 002

All functions

  • Runs WITHOUT reloading the page
  • Any number of calls
  • Special functions for large administrators possible
  • Obtain & save consent
  • Template for Google Analytics
  • Template for Google Adsense
  • Template for Facebook Pixel
  • Output individual texts
  • Multilingual in the admin
  • Multilingual in the frontend with language selection
  • Whitelabel capable
  • Integrated geolocation - display only for visitors from the EU
  • Cookie Box easy to design
  • 100 % customizable layout
  • Individual fonts possible
  • Use your own logo
  • Detailed cookie & script management
  • Support via phone, email and website chat
  • Template for Google TagManager
  • Blocking of iframes
  • Template for Matomo
  • Embed any JS code and get consent for it
  • Various hiding options
  • Detection of JS insertion, e.g. Youtube, Vimeo
  • Individual runtime of cookies possible
  • Do-not-track support
  • Permanent cookie and script scanner with log function
  • Acceptance of recognized cookies
  • New cookies can be automatically preset via cookie database
  • Blocking of foreign & own (Java) scripts possible
  • Various fade-in options, top, bottom, centered
  • Integration via JS code snippet into every page/system
  • CMS/Shopsystem independent
  • Consent by cookie groups
  • Detection of foreign cookies
  • Automatic deletion of foreign firstparty cookies
  • Detection of not controlled integration of Javascript
  • Frontend mask (de)activatable
  • Automatic updates
  • Use of placeholders
  • Automatic display of administration icon