CCM19 already helps 101.289 websites to comply with DSGVO, TTDSG & Co.

A selection of our Cookie Consent customers A selection of our Cookie Consent customers


The most important things about the Cookie Consent Tool CCM19 first!


Layout options

Theme Manager with hundreds of different options for color, shape, size, font, background image, behavior and more.


Cookies automatically blocked

With the help of the integrated onboarding mechanism all known cookies are automatically detected, blocked and correctly described.


Customer satisfaction

Our German-speaking and competent support solves all your problems and inquiries.



Languages supported

in the world's most common languages you can use banners as well as the interface.


Download / OnPremise

The only Cookie Consent platform that you can install completely locally / on your infrastructure if you wish, making it 100% trustworthy.


CMS / Shop Systems

CCM19 supports all CMS & Shop Systems that are able to integrate Javascript / HTML Snippets - what all modern systems can do nowadays!



CCM19 - Cookie Consent Manager / Tool

CCM19 Consent Tool

Obtain Cookie Consent in compliance with the law!

Always completely on the safe side with all legal requirements (BGH, EuGH, DSGVO, TTDSG) for the technical implementation of a cookie banner.

Fitting & seamless integration!

Optimal user experience through complete adaptation to your design/CI. This way you achieve the highest possible OptIn rates.

Updates included!

If legal conditions change, you get the necessary adjustments free of charge. You no longer have to keep an eye on the legal framework.

All data in Germany!

The entire infrastructure including all servers is hosted entirely in Germany - no data is exported to an unsafe third country (e.g. the USA).

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Sophisticated special version for agencies and providers


For agencies and hosting providers we offer a special whitelabel version (Agency/Hosting Version), which you can distribute under your own brand.

This version also offers an API to create users in CCM19 with external systems - so you can connect the system optimally with your booking system.


The Agency/Hosting version of CMP CCM19 is multi-client capable, which means that you can manage as many customers or your own websites as you like with one installation.

Each customer has his own login. Here he can process his cookie data - with any number of domains.

Commission model

The Agency/Hosting version is financed by a commission model: You charge your customers a reasonable price - we get a fair share of it.
Interested? Talk to us! Here you can request the CCM19 Agency/Hosting Version.

More information about this special version

Cookie Consent Tool as download variant

Cookie Consent Manager CCM19 - Security

Your visitors - your data - all on your server.

All data about all visit(s) remain completely under your control in the download variant. No data is transferred to external servers or services.

Many otherCookie Consent Tools include scripts from external servers and also transmit data there. With the CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool download variant, you are completely independent and retain 100% control over your data and that of your visitors. Access by third parties is thus excluded.

The CCM19 Cookie Consent Manager Download Version is included in many tariffs.

If you can't or don't want to install it on your webserver, just use the normal service or cloud version. an

The consent is logged in the CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool

The DSGVO requires to log the consent of each user (Art. 7 para. 1 DSGVO). Therefore, there is a documentation of all data in this Cookie Consent Manager - for everyone who gives consent

The history of the consent is traceable on the administrative side at any time and can be displayed for each visitor.



Updateable Cookie Consent Tool per click & automatically

CCM19 is an updateable Cookie Consent Manager. This means you don't have to reinstall it. Once installed, one click on "Update" is enough to bring CCM19 to the latest version.

Automatic updates are also included. Customers who still rely on the older versions can perform a manual update and then activate the automatic updates.

Cookie Consent Manager - Design customizable

Cookie Banner Layout

Colors, Blocking, Nonblocking, Layout, Logo, Position, Text etc.

In this Cookie Consent Manager you can set the design as you need it - CCM19 is completely customizable to your CI.

In many tariffs it is even possible to control the design via individual CSS. So the appearance is completely customizable. Of course there are sensible default settings that you don't have to change - but you can.

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FAQ about Cookie Consent Manager

Is there an installation service?

Yes - you can easily book the installation service in the shopping cart. Click on the desired product in the price table. Afterwards you will be redirected to the shopping cart, where you can book the installation service.

Is CCM19 available for every system?

Currently, the download version of CCM19 supports the Apache HTTP server with the mod_rewrite module enabled. At least PHP 7.2 is required to run CCM19. The cloud service variant works everywhere.


Is there an online demo version?

You can view the online demo version here - it is fully functional and resets to its initial state every 30 minutes. Click here to go to the CCM19 demo page.



Minimum term and cancellation period ?

In the tariffs there are no long running times and therefore no long periods of notice. The term is always one month and you can cancel monthly. The cancellation is possible until 1 day before the end of the term. It doesn't get any fairer than that.

Will all data remain under my control?

Yes! The download variant of CCM19 offers you this possibility and for this reason does not transmit a single record of your visitors to any external server or service.

In the cloud service variant, the anonymized data is transferred to our servers. No evaluation/processing of personal data takes place.

All FAQ articles on one page!

You need more answers to your questions? Then read the detailed CCM19 Cookie Consent FAQ.

You can find the CCM19 online documentation here. If you still have unanswered questions, just give us a call(+49 228 536 637 26) or write to us.

46.311 websites in Germany
rely on the Cookie Consent Tool CCM19

Cookie Consent Manager Features

  • Compliant with BGH ruling of 28.05.2020
  • TCF 2.0 certified according to IAB
  • Templates for hundreds of the most important cookies from Google Ads, Analytics, Facebook, Matomo and many more.
  • Integrate your own logo
  • Output individual texts
  • Multilingual admin interface
  • Multilingual frontend with language selection
  • Multi-client capability in the Agency Version
  • User API in the Agency Version
  • Whitelabel capable
  • Integrated geolocalization - cookies only for visitors from EU
  • Cookie Box easy to design
  • Individual fonts possible
  • Reload of the website not necessary
  • Do not show widget on imprint/privacy pages
  • Freely definable time for forced reset of cookie consent
  • Consent sharing across (sub)domains
  • Template and instructions for Google TagManager
  • Exclusion of URLs from certain cookies/scripts
  • Embed arbitrary JS code and get consent for it
  • Individual CSS possible
  • Fulfills accessibility requirements such as blocking focus, optimizing contrast ratios, optimized HTML, etc.
  • Recognition of JS insertion (e.g. Youtube, Vimeo)
  • Individual cookie runtime possible
  • Do-not-track support
  • Permanent cookie and script scanner with log function
  • Acceptance of recognized cookies
  • Dynamic cookie table for integration into privacy page
  • New cookies can be set automatically via cookie database
  • Export of all consent data possible
  • API for data query
  • Runs under Apache/NGINX
  • Frontend mask (de)activatable
  • Various show/hide options
  • Integration via JS code snippets into any site/system
  • CMS/Shopsystem independent
  • Full data control, as open source and on own server
  • Consent by cookie groups
  • Recognition of foreign cookies
  • Automatic deletion of foreign first-party cookies
  • Detection of non-controlled integration of Javascript
  • Automatic updates
  • E-Mail to operator in case of updates incl. changelog
  • Use of placeholders
  • Automatic display of administration icons

Cookie Consent Tool system requirements

The Self Service/Download version of CCM19 only needs PHP 7.2 or higher and the module mod_rewrite on your LAMP server to work.
NGINX is also possible - a configuration file is included in the download.

Ergo: Everywhere, where a CMS or shop system runs, CCM19 runs too.

A database is not necessary. CCM19 is compatible with all current CMS and shop systems and can be integrated everywhere.
The service tariffs only require the possibility to include a Javascript in your site - an installation is not necessary!


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A selection of our Cookie Consent customers A selection of our Cookie Consent customers