CCM19 on Privacy Shield and USA

RegistrationCCM19 is a service that is programmed and operated in Germany. Here we briefly summarize what we do and especially what we do NOT do, since we are often asked this. We adhere to the currently applicable legal framework, take the issue of DSGVO & Privacy Shield seriously and do not transfer data to unsafe third countries.


What we do NOT do.

  1. We do not use US or non-German / non-European cloud structures such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, not even 2nd or 3rd line - not at all! Don't think so? Then read on here...
  2. We don 't use CDNs from the USA or other insecure third countries like Akamai, Cloudflare, Fastly or others
  3. We do not use software products from Microsoft like Windows, Office 365 or Outlook
  4. We do not use any software from Google (except Google Ads) such as Gmail for processes within CCM19
  5. We do not use Teams / Slack or other US service providers for our internal processes to process personal data, but open source or other European alternatives, e.g. RockeChat, Zapier, Nextcloud and many more.

What we do

  1. All servers / computers are located in Germany and are NOT subject to the Cloud Act and NO data is transferred there
  2. The servers of our promotion website are located at OVH Gmbh in Limburg an der Lahn, Germany
  3. The server clusters of the cloud service of CCM19 are also located at the OVH GmbH in Limburg an der Lahn
  4. The e-mails of our support run through our e-mail server at all-inkl.com in Dresden, Germany
  5. The primary DNS server for the accesses is also at all-inkl.com in Dresden
  6. All internal tools like ticket management / teamchat etc. run on open source tools on our own service servers at OVH GmbH or at all-inkl.com and are specially isolated, e.g. RockeChat, Zapier, Nextcloud and many more.
  7. All computers in the network - including internal computers and laptops of all employees in all departments run Linux
  8. All connections / data are of course encrypted SSL / TLS etc
  9. We offer Paypal and Stripe for payment purposes - as data-saving alternatives we also offer payment by direct debit or invoice.
  10. Additionally we use github where our official documentation and various other plugins can be found as a git hoster. No personal data is processed by us here.
  11. As an internal Git platform we use Bitbucket from Atlassian. Here, no personal data is processed by us.

At the customer's request, we are of course happy to participate in appropriate meetings with Microsoft Teams (via browser), but this is then subject to the decision of the respective customer and always concerns only the data of the respective customer. Wherever possible, we use data-saving or European or OpenSource alternatives.


Exclusively for testing purposes for CCM19, all possible tools such as Google Analytics, Adsense, etc. are used by us on test sites, even in the long term, so that we can reliably check the CCM19 functions in real use. But only for testing purposes and not in productive use on our main sites within CCM19.

St. Johanner Str. 41-43
66111 Saarbrücken
USt-IdNr.: DE245768940
Commercial Register: Local Court Saarbrücken - HRB 15369
Supervisory Authority: Trade Supervisory Office Saarbrücken

OVH GmbH is a branch of the OVH SAS Group, a company registered under number 537 407 926 in the Commercial and Companies Register of Lille, with its registered office at 2, Rue Kellermann, 59100 Roubaix.

The data center of OVH GmbH, where all the servers of CCM19 are also located, is physically located in Limburg an der Lahn. OVH is not subject to the Cloud Act - here is a quote from OHV

"As part of our expansion into North America, we have created a legal separation so that all of our services outside the US are not subject to the Patriot Act or the CLOUD Act."


ALL-INKL.COM - New Media Münnich
Owner: René Münnich
Hauptstraße 68 | D-02742 Friedersdorf

The servers there are located in a data center in Dresden and as a purely German company are also not subject to the Cloud Act.


Does CCM19 really host its cloud in Germany?

The best proof is always the one that every person can credibly derive for himself. Therefore, here is how you can find out for yourself.

1. Determine the IP address of the cloud service - can be easily done via the whoIS system: https://who.is/dns/cloud.ccm19.de - there you will find the following result as shown on the screenshot. Click on the link to go to the external page.

WhoIs CCM19

2. Check the IP address: yourself. You can easily do this via the largest international provider that holds this data: https://ipinfo.io/ - see screenshot for result

IP ccm19