Changelog CCM19

You can read about it here: Behind the scenes, we are constantly working on improvements to our Cookie Consent Manager.

Version 2021.09.07

07.09.2021 - b79d4ff66534cabd9850d340fc44a008323ca3bc

This version brings some important new features after the summer break:

  1. Enhanced caching of the widgets - making call times of about 30ms possible
  2. Dynamic reloading of the large widget masks - this makes the initial calls much smaller and faster
  3. Google Consent Mode
  4. Automatic update of embeddings and cookie descriptions from our database, which means that your texts are automatically kept up to date!
  5. And dozens of bugfixes

The update is installed as usual via the update section of the CCM19 admin and will be installable in all versions over the next few days.

Here is a short summary of the changes:

  1. NEW - Initialize Consent options for reloaded widget elements
  2. NEW - Generate compressed variants of 'ccm19.components.min.js'
  3. NEW - Cache: Generate and deliver compressed variants
  4. NEW - Widget Cache: "304 Not Modified" shortcut
  5. NEW - Google Consent Mode: also in system embeddings
  6. NEW - Apply Google Consent Mode
  7. NEW - Google Consent Mode: show in embedding create dialog
  8. NEW - Color backend changed - brought closer to the web site colors
  9. NEW - Consider option "Show only in EU?" in widget cache
  10. NEW - Google Consent Mode: Show in embedding create dialog
  11. NEW - Generate User-Consent-ID (ucid) client-side
  12. NEW - Frontend behaviour extended by option "Activate widget cache
  13. NEW - Caching for the frontend entry point implemented
  14. NEW: Show Consent Dialog again, if Embeddings were changed
  15. NEW - Capture timestamp of legally relevant changes to embeddings
  16. NEW - For "Show only in EU" also play in Switzerland
  17. NEW - EmbeddingDb: Transfer asset storage type correctly from database
  18. NEW - Darken screen during reload; prevent simultaneous reloads
  19. NEW - Reload detail window including TCF overhead on request
  20. NEW - Update state management also for grouping TCF checkboxes
  21. NEW - Preset TCF checkboxes based on new state management
  22. NEW -TemplateRenderEvent introduced and payment plugin separated from core code
  23. FIX - Added new translations
  24. FIX - take default language for hosting embeddings from system configuration
  25. FIX - incorrect execution of User Update Settings
  26. FIX - Set permissions for generated files
  27. FIX - Use Host+Schema with as Cache-Salt
  28. FIX - Etag added at login check
  29. FIX - Reopen nested tabs correctly on page reload
  30. FIX - Assignment of menu items in Menu Manager
  31. FIX - Tab change by fragment only if tab button not hidden
  32. FIX - Added hint regarding limited functionality when cache is active
  33. FIX - Calls via bin/console fixed
  34. FIX - Avoid double escaping with 'replace_placeholders'
  35. FIX - Clear widget cache when domain specific data has been customized
  36. FIX - Backport Automatic Consent Reset to Cookie Model + Fixes
  37. FIX - Styling setting Consent override
  38. FIX - Activating an embedding does not yet trigger a legally relevant change
  39. FIX - Onboarding-Revision
  40. FIX - Onboarding references and use statement fixed
  41. FIX - Statistics plugin display data optimized
  42. FIX - Login-Check: Transmission of AppId in '/login/check' removed
  43. FIX - Login-Check: No more confusion with multiple CCM19 installations on the same domain
  44. FIX - Template "Template" removed from templates
  45. FIX - Revision OnBoarding: made multi-language capable
  46. FIX - Embedding DB revision: handle special case ccm_consent already in 'EmbeddingDb
  47. FIX - Prefetching of the detail dialog
  48. FIX - Allowed embeddings were sometimes not captured correctly
  49. FIX - Update 'embedding.consent' when switching a category
  50. FIX - Logging of the SystemEmbedding-Updates
  51. FIX - Restructured cronjob system
  52. FIX - Prename error in the imprint crawler fixed and the whole names added on the basis the crawler Mr/Woman determines if it is not in the imprint...
  53. FIX - Makefile extended again so that also the with the countries runs through...
  54. FIX - Translations: Date schemes added
  55. FIX - Update: Check if CCM19 main directory is writable
  56. FIX - Detect and reverse widget removal by frameworks
  57. FIX - 'TemplateRenderEvent::extendTemplate()' added
  58. FIX - typos
  59. FIX - various fixes in the handling of the cache / templates in the context of the update

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