Changelog CCM19

You can read about it here: Behind the scenes, we are constantly working on improvements to our Cookie Consent Manager.

Version 2023.05.22

22.05.2023 - 6a026dfd52b76a440956e225ccea25a60d9079fe

New version with some bug fixes, enhanced features in the scripts placeholder plugin, a new feature for user-level embed templates and some minor additions. The update will be distributed to everyone over the next few days as usual.

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - Script placeholders: Reversible input fields for derived placeholders
  2. NEW - Script placeholders: Added area for static templates
  3. NEW - Scripts placeholder: Linked embeddings in overview table linked
  4. NEW - Scripts placeholder: Template for generic overlays added
  5. NEW - Optional prioritization of browser language settings over the 'lang' attribute
  6. NEW - Open and close details window via JavaScript API enabled
  7. NEW - Different invoice email address provided in data model
  8. NEW - Batch tag manager: "Distribute all" button added for embeddings
  9. NEW - Consent protocol: export search results
  10. NEW - Optionally deviating Consent lifetime in case of partial consent
  11. NEW - JavaScript API extended by 'CCM.fullConsentGiven' property
  12. NEW - Search function in the SystemLogs integrated
  13. NEW - Note in the Domainkontext supplemented, if an integration by "URLs exclude" is never indicated
  14. NEW - New background image with summer feeling at login
  15. NEW - Reversible input fields for account-wide translations (standard texts)
  16. NEW - Added infrastructure for user cronjobs
  17. NEW - User integration templates added
  18. NEW - Twig templating/variable substitution in "Custom CSS" of themes
  19. CHANGE: Performance in cluster installations: Caching-ETags based on content hash instead of timestamps
  20. CHANGE - Enhancement of update routines by version numbers for a more targeted planning in the update process
  21. CHANGE - Added default values for widget elements in CSS
  22. CHANGE - Embedding templates: Subheadings in table added
  23. CHANGE - Scripts placeholders: Sort templates by name
  24. CHANGE: Script placeholders: Alphabetical listing of accounted placeholders
  25. CHANGE - 'Utils::getAccessRightsAccount()' renamed to 'Utils::filterAccessRightsAccount()
  26. CHANGE - Added name of affected domain to default email templates regarding call limit
  27. FIX - Forwarding destination for "Save and close" in domain overview corrected
  28. FIX - Include actual domain when counting plus consent sharing domains
  29. FIX - Scripts placeholder: parent element added for detail button in category list to comply with Google pagespeed audit
  30. FIX - Scripts Placeholder: Avoid redundant DOM manipulation
  31. FIX - Performance: Display already cumulated domain count in agency dashboard
  32. FIX - Correctly detect missing placeholder templates when importing new domains
  33. FIX - Consent Protocol: CSV export better structured
  34. FIX - Code for newer PHP versions revised (obsolete `var` removed)
  35. FIX - Generate attributes 'width' and 'height' for page logo in banner
  36. FIX - Corrections of German translations
  37. FIX - Corrections of Spanish translations
  38. FIX - Global account settings revised
  39. FIX - SSO Plugin: Show settings in "My Account" again
  40. FIX - Mobile View: Show footer completely on small screens
  41. FIX - Mobile View: Optimized tariff overview in domain administration
  42. FIX - User Themes: Hint, if no themes are created yet, revised
  43. FIX - Customer List: Text on unsuccessful search corrected
  44. FIX - Embedding templates: Pagination fixed and unified
  45. FIX - Inline CSS in backend reduced
  46. FIX - Styling of the hint "You are using only technically necessary embeddings" fixed
  47. FIX - HTML structure correction in IFrame settings
  48. FIX - Read in data templates from plugins
  49. FIX - Code refactoring based on static code analysis
  50. FIX - Adjustments for PHP 8.2 compatibility
  51. FIX - Scripts Placeholder: Template Preview Browser Compatibility Improved
  52. FIX - Scripts Placeholder: Consider "Exclude URLs" option of linked embeddings
  53. FIX - Embedding Templates: Backend translation may be composed from multiple languages
  54. FIX - Embedding Templates: Search only translations for active backend language
  55. FIX - Embedding Templates: Rate search result and sort by relevance
  56. FIX - Auto Update on Cluster Instances disabled
  57. FIX - Sliding tariff link now opens in new tab
  58. FIX - Iframe blocker: access to background thumbnail sometimes failed
  59. FIX - Performance optimization when deleting customers
  60. FIX - MongoDb: frontend cache invalidation optimized for global changes on multiple domains
  61. FIX - Hosting-API: internal sub-requests equipped with temporary 'Session' and meaningful 'RequestContext
  62. FIX - Hosting API: More meaningful error messages
  63. FIX - Readout of timestamp of last cronjob execution corrected
  64. FIX - Centralized creation of service URLs for simplified testing
  65. FIX - avoid possible error message during update

Version 2023.05.19

19.05.2023 - f690cc9b1ebe5e18c6467a3738fa2ca9cab6d869

Hotfix for incorrect TCF data. Unfortunately, the latest update of an IAB/TCF resource from the evening of 05/18/2023 links invalid data. This causes problems for some domains using the TCF framework when processing those contents and the subsequent output of the banner. In the affected file version, the data integrity is corrupted by referencing an undefined object - we could not foresee this, only handle it now after the fact. Please install this hotfix urgently if you use the TCF component.

In the course of the next week there will be another regular update with some new features, which of course will include the hotfix.

Addendum: The affected file has been updated in the meantime, so the problem can also be fixed by flushing the TCF cache in CCM19 instead of this update.

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. FIX - Ignore invalid entries of the affected JSON file and allow only correct data through

Version 2023.03.29

29.03.2023 - 5e6c6a5c30e903e59876273cea9fb8398fcdefc8

New version with some bugfixes and new import function for third-party banners. The update will be distributed to everyone over the next few days as usual.

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - Cookiebot pages can now be taken over completely after an initial scan. All cookies, embeddings and even the color scheme will be taken over to the CCM19 banner. Also the automatic detection of obfuscated scripts is activated - see point 2. Happens automatically as soon as the scanner finds a CB implementation
  2. NEW - Consider notation '[type="text/plain"][data-cookieconsent]' in the script blocker (option under "Developer settings")
  3. NEW - Upgrade hints made a bit friendlier and clearer
  4. NEW - Theme templates now with "Save button in Details window" active by default
  5. FIX - Cloning of domains fixed
  6. FIX - CSRF token added to Consent protocol controller
  7. FIX - Avoid possible duplication of 'p' element in introduction text
  8. FIX - Typos fixed, code optimized, comments improved, code restructured

Version 2023.03.20

20.03.2023 - c59f97501ea1d4302716644a436a9dde8bd03ff7

New version! The dashboard has been revised and now offers an overview of existing embeds, URLs to imprint and privacy, the active theme and domain info, among other things. In addition, the frontend widget is now switched on and off in the dashboard. In addition, this version includes various bug fixes, optimizations and new features.

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - Scripts placeholders: account-wide templates replaced by distributable placeholders
  2. NEW - Link to call domains in the customer management added
  3. NEW - Options for websites to be part of an ad and tracking free network
  4. NEW - Dashboard revised
  5. FIX - Preserved 'active' state when distributing account-wide translations
  6. FIX - Forward the 'load' or 'error' event to the reloaded script to trigger registered handlers
  7. FIX - Hide image element until setting icon is loaded (pagespeed optimization)
  8. FIX - Fixed order to load custom CSS in iframe blocker
  9. FIX - Icon and color for collection widget activation changed
  10. FIX - Possible error message from 2FA plugin in user management fixed
  11. FIX - Check for still existing 'setup.php': do not trigger 'open_basedir' warning
  12. FIX - Deprecated messages for PHP 8.1 fixed
  13. FIX - Load plugins in recognized or active language
  14. CHANGE - Default color for settings icon reset after v2023.01.31
  15. CHANGE - Moved "Frontend behavior" section to "Developer settings". Frontend widget is now de/activated from dashboard.
  16. CHANGE - Make tariff limits easier to read by adding thousands separator
  17. UPDATE - Execution of migration routines optimized after an update
  18. UPDATE - Added properties in ImEx plugin and hosting API
  19. UPDATE - CCM19 installations under MongoDB optimized
  20. UPDATE - Theme templates added and updated

Version 2023.02.22

22.02.2023 - 22a58c3ac723b9306e8f9b2ca8cd47b7cc2d9d98

New version! Some bugfixes and new usersettings in the admin where every user can then unlock items from the admin.

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - New settings area, it is now possible to activate various settings in your own account, such as cross-domain theme management, language management, the domain API, IAB/TCF and more.
  2. FIX - Load iframe blocker in recognized or active language
  3. FIX - Consider backend language when listing system-wide embeds
  4. FIX - Take over translations of display name when importing system-wide bindings
  5. FIX - Display reset counter in correct column
  6. FIX - Plugin Manager on domain level - display only plugins that can be activated by domain
  7. FIX - Do not display Resend in Agency Plugin for accepted customers anymore

Version 2023.02.15

15.02.2023 - 04f238e811f36c991a9937da951837ed2651caa5

New version! This time with a few optimizations and corrections retrospectively to the last version.

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. FIX - Unlocking of various plugins for subusers corrected
  2. FIX - ImEx plugin: import of various properties corrected
  3. FIX - Session handling optimized for Symfony 5
  4. FIX - Fixed orphaned class reference introduced with v2023.02.10
  5. FIX - Template bug fixed introduced with v2023.02.10
  6. UPDATE - Translations updated

Version 2023.02.10

10.02.2023 - 87ae32d469374cb6a2d886b59165bf362d156a1a

We have a new version for you, the highlight here might be the upgrade from the old Symfony 4.4 LTS to Symfony 5.4 LTS.
Attention: The following notes are only relevant for agency / enterprise and tariff customers who use a download variant with own installation!

  1. As long as CCM19 runs with Symfony 5.4 LTS, PHP versions 7.2.5 to 8.0.x will still be supported - probably until the end of 2024.
  2. With the next LTS release (expected to be Symfony 6.4), we will stop supporting these old PHP versions - PHP 7 development has already been completely stopped and PHP 8.0 will only receive security patches until November 2023.
  3. The transition to the next LTS version is expected to happen in late 2024/early 2025. From that point on, CCM19 will only run on PHP 8.1 and newer.
  4. For a quick overview of Symfony's LTS versions, we recommend taking a look at the Symfony release calendar.

The change does not affect support for PHP 8.1 and newer.

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - CCM19 now runs with Symfony 5.4 LTS
  2. NEW - Call counter exceptions extended by IP address ranges
  3. NEW - Keep frontend active even if session memory is dysfunctional
  4. NEW - consider `lang` attribute for automatic language recognition
  5. FIX - Spacing around Consent switch label for iframes added
  6. FIX - ImEx plugin: consider additional properties
  7. FIX - Disable visual highlighting of [role="document"]:focus-visible
  8. FIX - Avoid NULL byte error in cookie scan and permanent crawler

Version 2023.01.31

01.02.2023 - f906bfb3e8e199ce6648b9b8bb15d933841cab06

A new version is available! Some bugfixes have been integrated and some things are new again. In particular, you can now customize the color of the settings icon on the web page.

Settings icon customize

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - Hosting API: Endpoints for managing system-wide bindings implemented
  2. NEW - Hosting API: Documentation updated
  3. NEW - Added setting to reduce "Google Tag Manager" events
  4. NEW - Settings icon colors freely definable for all theme types
  5. FIX - Iframe blocker: detection/unblocking of modified iframes optimized
  6. FIX - Panels "Iframes" and "Exclude URLs" in system embeddings completed
  7. FIX - JSON decoding in repository special case fixed
  8. FIX - Added missing cases to 'ConfigNotWritableException' for non-writable 'var' directory
  9. FIX - Ensure Settings icon is not displayed in inner IFrames when CCM19 is already running on the outside
  10. FIX - Migrate new user-wide translations after an update
  11. FIX - ImEx Plugin: Ignore TCF Vendor IDs that no longer exist
  12. FIX - MongoDB indexes revised
  13. FIX - Migrate untranslated embedding cookie descriptions for very old installations
  14. UPDATE - Performance optimization
  15. UPDATE - Geo-IP database updated

Version 2023.01.18

18.01.2023 - 22bdb5afc412164b08c68493993dc54ac2d28351

A new version is available! Some bugfixes have been integrated and some things are new again.

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - User-wide release or lock of auto-updates for embeddings
  2. NEW - Sortable tables in the backend: Save sorting and pagination length in LocalStorage
  3. NEW - Script placeholder: Time dependent display condition implemented
  4. NEW - Cached TCFv2 data also deleted when manually clearing cache
  5. NEW - Agency version: Hosting option for widget output, if embeddings are active
  6. NEW - New login background image - Cardiff Bay
  7. NEW - Agency version: Hosting API: 'Locale' is now created with default values from 'UserLocale
  8. NEW - Directory protection data can now be entered per domain
  9. NEW - Quickscan can now use directory protection data
  10. NEW - Agency version: Hosting API: Endpoints implemented to manage system-wide bindings
  11. NEW - Added developer setting to reduce "Google Tag Manager" events
  12. FIX - memory consumption reduced when loading cookie database
  13. FIX - Consent sharing also for clicks on links in shadow DOM elements
  14. FIX - Consent sharing now more robust against URL manipulation by foreign scripts
  15. FIX - Automatic mails not sent to disabled users
  16. FIX - Correction of Polish translations
  17. FIX - Avoid flashing of darkmode button if no color scheme has been explicitly selected yet
  18. FIX - When changing user, use and save backend color scheme of originally logged in user
  19. FIX - Darkmode: Display of some input fields when changing color scheme corrected
  20. FIX - HTML IDs in backend corrected
  21. FIX - Statistics Plugin: Error message on empty statistics fixed
  22. FIX - Darkmode: Display of selection list for provider names corrected
  23. FIX - TCFv2 support in system-wide embedding templates fixed
  24. FIX - Embedding templates: Save button bar unified
  25. FIX - Error handling when downloading TCFv2 data improved
  26. FIX - Color component added newer CSS syntax for color values
  27. FIX - Plugin YAML configuration template adapted for different 'var' paths
  28. FIX - Read default value for domain time zone from main user
  29. FIX - Sliding tariff now only possible in paid monthly tariffs, otherwise an error message appears
  30. FIX - In case of corrupted TCF data show frontend banner anyway as far as possible
  31. FIX - TCFv2: do not save corrupted downloads in cache
  32. FIX - CSS display problems with checkboxes/sliders in banner on some websites fixed
  33. FIX - Fixed error when saving NoLabel data in MongoDB installations
  34. FIX - Ignore domain context outside domain specific routes
  35. FIX - MongoDB PHP library version fixed to support all MongoDB versions 1.6 and later
  36. FIX - CSV output Consent Log fixed
  37. FIX - Bindings: Clean database when deleting cookie entries
  38. CHANGE - Performance optimization of the PHP autoloader
  39. CHANGE - Translations updated
  40. CHANGE - Agency version: NoLabel menu items and routes of hosting navigation revised
  41. CHANGE - Agency version: Documentation updated
  42. CHANGE - Deprecated workarounds for IE7 removed from backend CSS
  43. CHANGE - New block "Domain preferences" in account settings

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