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Discover the independent cookie banner and script/tag management solution - with real, German-speaking support from experienced experts! Choose the perfect option for your business: Download, agency or cloud version - and at unbeatable prices! No data transfer to foreign providers and no storage outside Germany. An additional plus: CCM19 does not rely on TCF (can be activated optionally).


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CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool already helps 146,840 websites with DSGVO, TDDDG & Co.

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CCM19 - Cookie Consent Tool

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Obtain Cookie Consent legally compliant

The Cookie Consent Tool enables you to fulfill all legal requirements (BGH, EuGH, DSGVO, TDDDG) without any problems. So you are always on the safe side.

Seamless integration for optimal user experience

Adapt the Cookie Consent Tool perfectly to your design/CI to achieve the highest possible opt-in rates and not scare away your users.

Automatic updates included

With the Cookie Consent Tool, you no longer need to constantly keep track of legal frameworks. In case of changes, you will receive necessary adjustments directly and uncomplicatedly.

All data secure in Germany

The entire infrastructure of the Cookie Consent Tool, including all servers, is hosted in Germany. No data is exported to unsafe third countries (e.g. the USA).

The CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool is your solution

Rely on the ultimate Cookie Consent Tool to be legally compliant and effective while providing an optimal user experience.

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Sophisticated special version for agencies and providers

NoLabel Cookie Consent Tool

For agencies and hosting providers, we present our customized NoLabel solution (Agency/Hosting Edition) that you can easily distribute under your own brand name.

Additionally, benefit from our powerful headless API that enables seamless integrations with external systems. Effortlessly connect CCM19 to your booking system and unleash the full potential of your business operations.



The Agency/Hosting Edition of CCM19 offers impressive multi-client functionality. This means that you can manage a large number of clients or your own websites with just one installation.

Each client gets their own login credentials, allowing them to edit their cookie data for an unlimited number of domains. Discover the efficiency and control that CMP CCM19's multi-client compatibility gives you.


Fair prices

The CCM19 Agency Version is charged per domain / per month. The price is of course also staggerable according to quantity.

to the Agency Version

Cookie Consent Tool as download variant

Cookie Consent Manager CCM19 - Security

Your visitors & data - all on your infrastructure.

The CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool system is designed to run seamlessly on your server or provider account, with minimal technical requirements based on your traffic.

The download version of the CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool ensures complete control over all visitor data. No information is sent to external servers or services.

While many other cookie consent solutions use scripts from external servers and send data there, the download version of CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool gives you complete independence and 100% control over your own data as well as that of your visitors - with no third-party access.

The download version of the CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool is available in all tariffs starting with the low-priced Starter tariff.

If you cannot or do not want to install it on your web server, the convenient service or cloud version is also available.

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CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool - Proof of Consent According to DSGVO

According to Art. 7 (1) DSGVO, it is necessary to record the consent of each user. Our CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool offers you the perfect solution to ensure that your website complies with data protection regulations. Easily capture and document the consent of every visitor.

Whether you run an online store or operate an informational website, the CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool is essential to comply with privacy regulations.

Consent history is always accessible to administrators. Rely on our CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool to make your website privacy compliant - your visitors will appreciate your care!



Updateable Cookie Consent Tool per click & automatically

Discover CCM19, the easy to update cookie consent tool! Put an end to the hassle of rebooting, because with our tool, one click on "Perform Update" is enough to upgrade to the latest version.

Always stay up to date and enjoy the benefits of brand new features and security updates.

For your convenience, fully automatic updates are included so you can devote your full attention to your business.

If you're still using older versions, that's no problem: simply perform a manual update and then activate the automatic updates.

Don't hesitate and get the CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool now - the smart choice for everyone who wants to play it safe!


Cookie Consent Tool - Design customizable

Cookie banner layout

Customization in colors, blocking, nonblocking, layout, logo, position and text

With our CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool you get a flexiblensConsent Tool that can be fully customized to your CI. Customize the design according to your wishes - colors, blocking, nonblocking, layout, logo, position, text and much more.

In many tariffs you even have the possibility to control the design via individual CSS to make the appearance completely according to your ideas.
Of course, we also offer useful presets that you can use - but don't have to. Rely on the customizable CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool and present your visitors with a consistent look and feel.

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Frequently asked questions about the Cookie Consent Tool

Is there an installation service?

Yes - you can easily add the installation service in the shopping cart. To do so, select the desired product in the price table and you will be redirected to the shopping cart to book the installation service.

Is CCM19 available for every system?

Basically, the CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool is available for all systems and works technically fine in over 99.99% of cases, as long as the CCM19 code is included correctly. (After all, you have to be able to get into the car to drive it)


Is there an online demo version?

Yes, you can view the fully functional online demo version here - it is fully functional and resets to its initial state every 30 minutes. Click here to go to the CCM19 demo page.



Minimum term and cancellation period ?

In the tariffs there are no long terms and therefore no long notice periods. The term is always one month or one year (depending on your choice) and can be cancelled at any time at the end of the term by both parties. It doesn't get any fairer than that.

Will all data remain under my control?

Yes! With the download version of CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool you have full control over your data, as no visitor records are transferred to external servers or services.

With the cloud service version, anonymized data is sent to our servers, but no analysis or processing of personal data takes place.

All FAQ articles on one page!

You need more answers to your questions? Then read the detailed CCM19 Cookie Consent FAQ.

You can find the CCM19 online documentation here. If you still have unanswered questions, just give us a call(+49 228 536 637 26) or write us.


177.116 Websites in Germany
rely on Cookie Consent Manager CCM19

Increase your OptIn rate effortlessly with the CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool

Maximize consent with optimal user experience The CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool can help increase your consent rate (OptIn rate) by taking into account several aspects that provide a positive user experience and a higher likelihood of consent:

  1. Customizable design: the CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool allows full customization with your website's design and corporate identity. An appealing and consistent look and feel increases the likelihood that users will give their consent.
  2. Easy user guidance: With easy-to-understand texts and a clear structure, the CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool offers intuitive user guidance. This makes it easier for users to select their preferences and encourages consent.
  3. Transparent information: the tool presents all necessary information about the use of cookies and the associated data processing in a clear and understandable way. This way, users know exactly what they are getting into and are more willing to give their consent.
  4. Flexibility: The CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool offers various setting options to meet different user preferences. The more choices users have, the more willing they are to give consent for at least some cookies.
  5. Mobile optimization: Since more and more users are using the Internet via mobile devices, it is important that the CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool is also optimized for smartphones and tablets. A responsive design and a pleasant user experience on all devices can help increase opt-in rates.

By combining these factors, the CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool helps to ensure an optimal user experience and increase the cookie consent rate. As a result, website operators benefit from improved compliance and a higher number of users using features that require consent.




CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool - Always legally compliant thanks to automatic updates

The CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool ensures that website operators always stay up-to-date with the latest legal requirements. Here are some reasons why the CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool is the ideal solution for lasting legal certainty:

  1. Central database: the CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool obtains all relevant information from a central database maintained by CCM19. This means that the latest legal requirements are always taken into account.
  2. Automatic updates: The tool updates itself automatically as soon as there are changes in the database. This means that your website always complies with the latest legal requirements without you having to make any manual adjustments.
  3. Time savings: since the CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool makes the updates automatically, you can focus on your core business and save time that you would otherwise have to spend on monitoring and implementing legal changes.
  4. Minimize Risk: The CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool's automatic updates reduce the risk of compliance violations, fines, and litigation by ensuring that your website is always compliant with the latest legal requirements.

With the CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool, you can focus on your business while being sure that your website complies with legal requirements - thanks to automatic updates from a central and always-maintained database.

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