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Do you need to inform about cookies on your website? Find out - with our cookie scanner

Cookie banners are now appearing on more and more websites, but does every website really need to inform its visitors about which cookies are used in the future? No, fortunately not. For example, if you do not use cookies on your website, or only use cookies that are essential for the operation of the website, there is no obligation to inform.

To help you quickly and easily test whether you should include a cookie banner on your website, we have developed our Cookie Checker. The Cookie Checker scans your website, checks whether cookies are currently set and creates an informative report for you.

The scan of your website is of course free of charge and if you have any questions about your cookie scanner report, you are always welcome to contact us.

This info is included in the Cookie Tester report

Once you have performed our free cookie test for your website, you will receive a PDF report by mail. This contains the following information:

  1. Listing of cookies that are probably not technically necessary
  2. List of integrations or external resources that may transfer data to unsafe third countries

If you have any questions about the report of our cookie scanner, just ask us for a short assessment without any obligation.

Offer cookie checker on your website

You would also like to offer your website visitors or customers the possibility to perform a cookie scan? Then simply integrate our cookie tester on your website. For more information, please contact us simply by mail to