Selfhosting Cookie Banner solution for agencies

The agency version runs completely on your infrastructure, on your servers.
You offer your customers a service completely from one source and keep the accruing data completely under control for your customers.

You manage as many clients, users, domains, pages, calls etc. as you like - and that really cheap. In case of problems our friendly and competent support will help you.

Try out | Agency Demo Version online

Here you can access the version and test it completely.
access with username: demo - password: demo - have fun!



Set up in a maximum of 5 minutes

In the guided setup process you can set up each customer domain completely within a few minutes

An integrated cookie scanner finds all relevant cookies, which are compared with the integrated database and directly assigned.

As a special feature, imprint & privacy and other relevant data are automatically extracted from the customer site and transferred to the appropriate fields.

Ideally, you have a customer domain registered within 60 seconds and can complete and invoice the project.


Cookie Banner with full control - runs on your server

Cookie Consent Manager CCM19

All data generated by the Cookie Banner remains on your servers. Automatic updates are possible in the system and only need to be activated.

For each new version there is a detailed changelog, on request we will of course send detailed commitlogs for specific changes

The whole system is open source with Symfony 4 in PHP (from 7.2) and native Javascript programmed and extensible by plugins implemented.

Forexample, you can easily implement special customer requirements using a specially programmed plugin, while retaining full update capability.

The integrated scanner permanently checks your customer pages for changes and sends you or your customers an email if relevant additions are necessary.


No limits - all possibilities

You can create as many users as you like in the multi-client interface, each containing as many domains as you like.

Per domain you can create and use as many subpages,
subdomains, users, groups, access rights, calls, traffic, cookies, scripts and much more.

The only limit is set by yourself, with the number of customers you want to manage.

Billing is per domain only, more on that below.


Cookie Consent Manager CCM19

Central administration


Manage across all customer accounts individual banner themes that you can offer to your customers.

You can maintain your own, additional agency cookie database that contains individual configurations that are specific to your customers. You can also pre-populate individual (legal) texts for all accounts

You can set tariffs, traffic settings for your customers and there is a direct login option to your customer accounts so that you can add, maintain or support data directly in the account.

An API for customer management is also included with which you can create, edit, delete and query customer data.

Whitelabel possible

The complete interface can be customized to your needs, an example can be seen here.

It is possible to erase every trace of CCM19 in the interface.

Also the obligatory link in the frontend consent banner can be removed in the whitelabel setting.

Whitelabel Link

Price-wise we calculate a surcharge of about 10% for the whitelabel variant, if you are interested just ask us.

Whitelabel Cookie Consent Manager

Suitable for every system

Suitable for any CMS or shop system - whether headless, standard or other, no matter.

Simply insert a line of HTML / Javascript in the <head> of the page, done.

You only have to enter the script once per domain / CMS installation - afterwards all data will be updated by itself. A further intervention in the page is not necessary.

Of course, the agency version also contains all the standard features of CCM19 such as multilingualism, permanent scanner, geolocation, individual styling and positioning of the Consent Banner, Google Tag Manager functionality, Consent Api, detailed documentation, high performance engine for more than 10 million hits per day and much more.

Customize Design

Agency Special Support

We do not leave you hanging! We help with:

  • Problems in a customer account.
  • Questions about integration with customers.
  • Questions from your customers about CCM19 that you can't answer.
  • Questions about the installation of the basic system.
  • Questions and problems with scripts and cookies.
  • Questions and problems with banner design.
  • Programming of extensions and much more.
  • And of course everything in German, CCM19 is based in Bonn.

The support is of course included in the price and costs nothing extra. Often we also build in feature requests after suggestions from the community, just ask!

Team Solution

Fair prices - Fair billing


The CCM19 Agency Version is charged per domain/per month. Of course, the price can be staggered according to quantity

As a settlement price with us you can calculate 1.79 EUR net per domain / per month. For larger quantities it is of course significantly cheaper, we also offer graduated prices, for example, from 200 domains, the domain costs only 1.59 per month, just ask us.

The contract can be cancelled at any time at the end of each month. You can download the template here.

The required minimum number of managed domains should be reached after three months at the latest. In the first 3 months we charge the actual number, after the 3rd month we charge the 20 domains as minimum revenue, unless you use more domains ;-). That means you pay a maximum of 35,80 EUR / month if you don't reach the minimum number.

We think this is a fair solution for all parties involved.

You need a model that can't really be covered with the above procedure? Please contact us: Usually we always find a fair solution for all parties.

Have we aroused your interest?

Are you interested in the Agency Version? You can request it directly here. Please fill out all fields marked with an asterisk (*). We are looking forward to your inquiry.

If you have any questions, you can of course also reach us by phone, e-mail or via our contact form.

Tel: +49 228 536 637 26
E-Mail: info@ccm19.de

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