Frequently asked questions about cookies

Here we answer the frequently asked questions about the CCM19 Cookie Consent Tool.

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Error messages

Error messages that may occur from time to time under certain conditions, but which are easily solvable.

Questions about CCM19

Special questions about CCM19

What are the system requirements?

The self service / download version of CCM19 only needs PHP 7.2 or higher and the module mod_rewrite on your LAMP server to work. NGINX is also possible - a configuration file is included in the download. More information about NGINX can be found here: nginx

The service tariffs only require the possibility to include a Javascript in your site - an installation is not necessary!



Is it possible to run CCM19 with Wordpress?

Our tool is completely independent of the CMS used and works accordingly well with Wordpress. You can find integration instructions explicitly for Wordpress here:


Is a trial version available?

You can test the Free tariff free of charge. However, the setup options differ slightly. For example, the Quick Setup is only available in the Full Service. However, the basic functionality is identical, so you can set up the tool for a compatibility check.

In the Free tariff, 5,000 calls are available. This is sufficient for smaller sites and also enough for extensive tests of larger websites.

You can find the Free tariff at:


Does CCM19 also run with NGINX?

This only applies to the download version. But yes: CCM19 also runs with NGINX. You can find more information about this in our documentation:


Is CCM19 available for every system?

The full service variant works everywhere.

Currently, the download variant of CCM19 supports the Apache HTTP server with the mod_rewrite module enabled. At least PHP 7.2 is required to run CCM19.


Does CCM19 automatically detect cookies?

CCM19 can detect cookies automatically - however, it makes sense that you manually check the associated data and explanations in the CCM19 interface. After all, it's about the legal security of your site.

By the way, there is also a permanent scanner running.


Is there an online demo version of CCM19?

You can view the online demo version. This is fully functional and is reset to the initial state every 30 minutes.

Click here to go to the demo page.


What does CCM19 count as calls in the full service rate?

We distinguish between the fade-ins of the mask and the calls of the script: The mask is usually called only once to set the consent by the visitor. The script is called more often, which corresponds in principle to the pageviews.

The reason: With each call it must be checked whether a Consent exists, something changed in the meantime on provider side etc.. This requires the ongoing comparison, so the activity of CCM19. Visitors may well come back after months, then the consent must be compared and stored.


Where are the servers of CCM19 located, where does the data processing take place?

All our servers are located in Limburg, Germany at OVH GmbH or at ALL-INKL.COM, Neue Medien Münnich in Dresden.

We do not use any cloud providers from the USA or other insecure third countries for the entire technical implementation of CCM19.

OVH is one of the world's largest server providers for innovative and agile companies. Headquartered in France, OVH is fully subject to the rules of the GDPR.
ALL-INKL.COM is one of the most service-oriented providers in Germany and has an adequate infrastructure to meet even the largest requirements.


What if my site is hosted in the US, such as Squarespace or other providers?

Here we have two different problems that come together regarding the GDPR.

1. the cookie problem: we get this under control with CCM19
2. the data transfer, which happens unasked in the USA, because the site is hosted on a US server. No cookie manager in the world can help here.

You can of course use your site with our cookie manager. CCM19 can block everything that is technically blockable. If CCM19 is set correctly, the cookies that can be technically blocked will indeed be blocked.

However, there is a problem if the site is hosted in the US: personal data will be sort of forcibly transferred in this case. Here's more on the legal cause of the problem:

If the company was located in the US, this would of course not be a problem, but since it is (presumably) located in Germany, German law applies.

Ergo: This is not a technical problem or a functionality problem for one or our cookie manager. It's an infrastructure problem that you can't solve technically even if you put a layer on top of it.

(Please note: This is not legal advice, but our opinion on the matter)

Questions about CCM19 Invoicing

Here we clarify questions about billing, terms, invoices, contracts, etc.

What are the costs for CCM19?

The costs and functions can be found in our price table here.


Is there a minimum term or notice period for CCM19?

There are no long notice periods in the tariffs. The term is always one month or 1 year - depending on which option you have chosen and you can cancel up to 1 day before the end of the term. The minimum term is ultimately the term of the selected tariff options - monthly or annually.


Do you issue an official invoice with sales tax after purchase of the product?

Of course, you will receive a proper invoice with properly accounted VAT. We work as a German company according to German law.


Is the purchase of CCM19 only possible via your website, or is an e-mail order sufficient?

Please order via our website. This makes it much easier for the accounting department and no mistakes will happen when invoicing. If it is not possible for you, e.g. offices or other buyers, we are also happy to take your order by e-mail, post or telephone. To do so, please simply contact our support.


Is there an affiliate program?

Yes, there is an affiliate program, you can find all the info here.


What happens if the limit of page views is exceeded?

When the limit of calls is reached, the mask is temporarily deactivated until you either manually increase the rate or the respective month is over and the counter starts again at 0.

This does not result in an automatic upgrade or further costs. You are always in control!

Support & Service

All about support and services from CCM19

Is there an installation service?

Yes, you can conveniently book the installation service in the shopping cart. To do so, click on the desired product in the price table. You will then be redirected to the shopping cart, where you can select the additional installation service.

Error messages

Error messages that may occur from time to time under certain conditions, but which are easily solvable.

What to do? An error 500 occurs at 1and1 or Domainfactory

You should make sure with 1&1 or domainfactory that you set the RewriteBase after the installation. Here is a short explanation how this works:

1. call and follow instructions

2. setup.php should redirect you to - this is where the 500 occurs

3. edit - under the line "RewriteEngine On" enter:
RewriteBase /cookies/ccm19/

4. edit - add also here under "RewriteEngine On":
RewriteBase /cookies/ccm19/public/

Now try again to call

If the 500 error persists, it may be a different problem. We would be happy to investigate the problem for you - free of charge. All we need is a temporary FTP-access, which you can delete after the work is done.

("" please replace with your core URL)


Help, I get cryptic errors after an update!?

If cryptic error messages appear after an update, the first step is to clear the cache.

Normally, this is also done automatically after an update, but sometimes it comes to a termination under certain conditions, so that the cache was not completely deleted. Then manual clearing helps.

The problem persists?
Log into the FTP. Manually delete the directory 'CCM19Directory/www/var/cache/prod*', i.e. the entire directory 'prod*' - where the * stands for a series of numbers. Don't worry: This will be automatically recreated the next time CCM19 is called, so you won't delete any relevant data.

General questions about cookies and CMP

What there is to know in general when using a CMP

What happens if I do not give my consent?

If consent to the setting of cookies is not given, no data will be transferred. However, the necessary technical cookies that enable the comfortable operation of the website in the first place are an exception.


What is a Cookie Consent Manager?

A "cookie consent manager" or cookie consent tool refers to software that displays a banner (often a pop-up window) before the visitor can view a website - before any data is transferred

However, most cookie consent managers transfer data to the providers of the consent manager software during this consent processing. This must be viewed critically in the context of data protection, which is ultimately the purpose of obtaining consent. The CCM19 solution, currently the only cookie consent solution worldwide in this form, does not transmit any data and runs autonomously on the server of the website operator.


Why do I have to give my consent for cookies?

The legislator requires the active consent of users for the setting of cookies and the possibility to object before even a single cookie is transferred to the computers/devices of the website visitors

If website operators do not offer this possibility, they make themselves legally vulnerable and it is very likely that they will be warned sooner or later with costs.


Is the use of cookies still legal?

Since 2009, the EU data protection directives require that users be asked for their consent before cookies are set and that they can prevent the use of cookies in this way. This method is called the opt-in procedure. Unfortunately, in the past many website operators interpreted the EU regulations in their favour. This led to the frequent use of the opt-out method, in which users must first explicitly and actively object to the use of cookies.

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