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CCM19 already helps 165.044 websites to comply with DSGVO, TTDSG & Co.

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This is how the switch from Cookiebot to CCM19 works

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Here we explain the simple switch in 4 steps.

  1. Step 1: You register here in the CCM19 Free tariff.
  2. Step 2: After the registration you will automatically land in the onboarding, there your site incl. Cookiebot banner will be scanned, cookies incl. scripts will be recognized and integrated into the CCM19 banner. Also the color of the buttons is taken over.
  3. Step 3: Copy the embed code from CCM19 into your page and delete the Cookiebot code.
  4. Step 4: Done!

In this process, all settings that were present in the old banner will be taken over directly. Even if you have mademanual settings in the code, these will also be automatically recognized by CCM19 and taken over correctly.

In 99% of the cases everything works directly "out of the box". If you belong to the 1% - We are happy to help you!

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Cookiebot Alternative CCM19 - Dashboard

Cookiebot Alternative CCM19 offers a variety of benefits for businesses looking to make their websites privacy compliant.

From the unlimited number of subpages to the German hosting solution, CCM19 offers many features that make it an excellent alternative to Cookiebot.

Moreover, CCM19 is easy to install and use, offers customization options and extensive reporting features. The whole system is open source programmed with Symfony 4 in PHP (7.2 or higher) and native Javascript and implemented extensible with plugins.

For example, youcan easily implement special customer requirements using a specially programmed plugin, while retaining full updateability.

Functions CCM19

What our customers say!

Ralf G.
5 stars

"World class service, fast and always very friendly even with a free rate. Also available for questions and problems with integration of the services always available. Only to recommend!"

Doris Patra
5 stars

"Excellent service, very friendly staff and a cookie banner that you can also visually adapt to your own CI can. I was helped directly with an individual CSS adjustment. Simply top! I can absolutely recommend!"

2bits GMbH
5 stars

"Highly recommended! The solution and the service are top. Always friendly, helpful and competent."

Sebastian M
5 stars

"Good service, well thought out UI and installation on own server. An incredibly nice and helpful support! The must definitely stay like this!"

5 stars

"...In addition to the platform independence, the simplicity of the integration and the range of functions, the super-fast and and competent support, which goes far beyond the norm. We are very satisfied with the solution - full recommendation"

Petra Schiele
5 stars

"We are using the download version. The tool is easy to use and there are constantly interesting developments.
If we have questions or problems, the service is quick, uncomplicated and competent

Ratings and reviews from Google, OMRReviews, Capterra and others.

Frequently asked questions about switching to the Cookiebot alternative CCM19

  • What if I did a manual integration with code manipulation?
    Within CCM19 there is a special option with which customizations by other Cookiebanners in the HTML code can be detected and processed by CCM19. When a Cookiebot banner is detected during onboarding, this option is automatically enabled.
  • Are all cookies and scripts detected?
    During onboarding your site will be scanned once and all found cookies and scripts, also those which are blocked by the old Cookiebot banner, will be transferred to the new CCM19 banner.
  • What does CCM19 cost - is there also a free tariff?
    Yes, there is a free tariff. In this tariff are included as many subpages as you want, so no matter if 10, 50, 100 or 10.000 or more. We only count the calls of the pages and in the free tariff 5,000 calls are included free of charge. You can find more information about rates and prices here. Tariffs and prices
  • Is there a minimum term or notice period for CCM19?
    There are no long notice periods in the tariffs. The term is one month or 1 year - depending on which option you have chosen and you can cancel up to 1 day before the end of the term. The minimum term is ultimately the term of the selected tariff options - monthly or yearly. Regardless of the selected term, the respective contract will be renewed indefinitely after the expiration of the initial term in each case, unless it is terminated by one of the parties with one month's notice to the end of the original contract term. Termination after extension of the contract is then always permitted with a notice period of one month for both parties. The payment intervals remain as selected.



CCM19: The Cookiebot Alternative for Your Business

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CCM19 is the powerful and reliable Cookiebot alternative that is perfect for businesses looking for a safe and effective cookie banner service.

Setup and integration: setting up CCM19 is simple and straightforward. With just a few clicks, you can integrate the banner on your website and start protecting your visitors' privacy.

Customizability: as a cookie bot alternvative, CCM19 offers extensive customization options to tailor the look and functionality of the cookie banner to your organization's needs.

Easy setup and integration CCM19 offers simple and straightforward setup and integration with your existing website. With just a few clicks, you can integrate the banner and get started.

Switch to CCM19 now or try it out!



How does the Cookiebot Alternative CCM19 work?

Cookiebot Alternative CCM19 is easy to install and use. All you need to do is insert the code into your website and adjust the settings to ensure that your cookie banner complies with current privacy laws. CCM19 as Cookiebot Alternative offers a wide range of features, including:

Customizable Cookie Banner: you can customize the appearance of your cookie banner to ensure it matches your brand.

Automatic cookie detection: CCM19 as Cookiebot Alternative automatically detects all cookies on your website and classifies them according to privacy policies.

Cookie Consent Management: With CCM19 as Cookiebot Alternative, you can manage the consent management for your cookies to ensure that your website complies with the privacy policy.

Reporting: CCM19 provides extensive reporting features that allow you to track exactly how your cookies are being used.




What else is there besides cookies?

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Besides cookies, there are other methods of tracking visitors on a website. Here are some other tracking methods that are often used by companies and that the Cookiebot alternative CCM19 naturally takes into account.

Pixel tracking: these are small invisible images that are placed on a website and send information about the visitor to the company's server. Pixel tracking is often used by email marketing tools to track whether the recipient of an email has opened the message.

IP tracking: every website that is visited leaves a digital footprint known as an IP address. Companies can use IP tracking to identify the location of the visitor and collect information about their activities on the website.

Fingerprint tracking: this method creates a digital fingerprint based on various information about the visitor's computer and operating system. This information can be used to track the visitor over multiple visits to the website.

Tag management: tag management systems allow companies to manage and optimize tracking tags on their websites. These systems allow companies to easily manage and update their tracking tags to ensure they comply with applicable privacy laws.

Mobile tracking: With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, companies are also using mobile tracking to track visitor activity on mobile devices.



Is cookiebot DSGVO compliant?

Cookie services that transmit data to the USA may not be used / are not DSGVO compliant | Cookiebot ruling
usa privacy shield

At least this is the case for the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, which used the CookieBot service on its website, according to a judgement (Ref.: 6 L 738/21.WI). Following a ruling by the Wiesbaden Administrative Court in summary proceedings, the university was temporarily prohibited from using the service on its own website. Currently, the main proceedings are continuing, the outcome is still open.

Spectacular verdict for cookie services
The verdict was groundbreaking and, according to Jonas Breyer, the attorney for the petitioner, can be considered spectacular. We also agree with this assessment. If the judgment becomes legally binding, and it can be assumed at present, all website operators who use services that transfer data to the USA will have a big problem.

"The cookie service processes the complete IP address of the end user on servers of a company whose headquarters are located in the USA. This creates a third-country connection, namely to the U.S., which is so inadmissible with regard to the so-called Schrems II decision of the European Court of Justice."



CCM19 the excellent Cookiebot alternative


CCM19 is an excellent Cookiebot alternative for several reasons:

  1. No limit on the number of subpages
  2. German hosting
  3. Easy to install and use
  4. Customizability - appearance of cookie banner complete.
  5. Extensive reporting functions
  6. Continuous development: CCM19 is continuously developed and improved

Overall, CCM19 offers a user-friendly and reliable cookie solution that helps companies make their websites privacy-compliant. From unlimited subpages to German hosting, CCM19 offers many features that make it a great alternative to Cookiebot.

Switch to CCM19 now or try it out!