CCM19 Sliding tariffs

You can activate the sliding tariffs in every account. You can find the activation in the overview of the domain management as shown in the screenshot.

Activate sliding tariffs

What are sliding tariffs and how exactly does it work?

In principle, it is quite simple: If your available quota for impressions is 95% used up at least one day before the end of the month, your account will automatically be upgraded to the next higher tariff. This means that you no longer have to initiate the change yourself if it becomes apparent that you will not have enough impressions.

Example: You use the tariff Business with 100.000 page impressions per month, on the 27th of a month you reach 95.000 page impressions - then the next higher tariff Business with 250.000 page impressions will be booked for you at this moment. The term is then again 1 month from the new booking day. The sliding tariffs are only available with the payment methods Paypal and direct debit.

These automatic tariff upgrades only take place if you explicitly set and save the checkmark. If the checkmark is not set, no booking will happen and you will only receive, as usual, a notice by mail that your tariff will soon be used up.

Note: The automatic tariff adjustment also takes effect afterwards if you have significantly fewer calls and a lower tariff comes into question for you. If you only use up a maximum of 25% of your tariff in one month after the upgrade, you will automatically be upgraded to the next lower tariff. However, the maximum you can drop back to is the level you originally booked.

If you have any questions about the new sliding tariffs, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or on +49 (0)228 536 637 26.