CCM19 Prices / Price Table

Made & Hosted in Germany

CCM19 is basically available in 4 tariffs, additionally there is an agency version and for NGOs we offer interesting discounts. Just ask us.

  • Free
  • € 0,00
  • Try now
  • Includes all standard features
    and additionally
  • All data in Germany, no US providers.
  • 1 Domain incl.
  • 5.000 impressions / month incl.
  • Integration via JS code snippets into any CMS or store system
  • Automatic updates of software and cookie / embedding right texts
  • Template and instructions for Google TagManager
  • TDDDG-, DSGVO-, CCPA-, BDSG-, LGPD-, POPIA-compliant
  • Automatic privacy policy incl. cookies for integration into privacy page
  • 1 user
  • 2 languages (DE / EN)
  • Permanent scanner of all pages
  • Unlimited number of subpages
  • Templates for thousands of the most important cookies from Google Ads, Analytics, Facebook, Matomo and many more.
  •   Google Consent Mode v2
  • All standard features
  • SLA 99%
  • Starter
  • € 7,90
    Per month / Incl. 19% ust
  • Includes all standard features
    plus Free and
  • Billing period:
  • All data in Germany, no US providers.
  • 2 domains incl.
  • 20. 000 impressions / month incl.
  • Integration service can be added in the shopping cart
  • Sliding tariffs activatable in the cloud
  • own logo possible
  • TDDDG-, DSGVO-, CCPA-, BDSG-, LGPD-, POPIA-compliant
  • own languages possible
  • IFrame Blocking e.g. Youtube, Google Maps
  • Multi Domain Support
  •   Google Consent Mode v2
  • All standard features
  • Standard support via e-mail
  • SLA 99,5%
  • Business
  • € 19,90
    Per month / Incl. 19% ust
  • Includes all standard features
    plus Starter and
  • Choose more traffic or domains:
  • Billing period:
  • 100. 000 impressions / month incl.
  • All data in Germany, no US providers.
  • Sliding tariffs activatable in the cloud
  • Integration service can be added to shopping cart
  • TDDDG-, DSGVO-, CCPA-, BDSG-, LGPD-, POPIA-compliant
  • any number of users
  • Groups and rights management
  • 24+ languages
  • individual CSS for widgets and iframes
  • Analytics - graphical analysis of content data, broken down by various factors such as browser, operating system, etc.
  • A/B tests incl.
  •   Google Consent Mode v2
  • (de)activate and manage individual scripts
  • Consent sharing across (sub)domains
  • TCF 2.0 / IAB functions can be activated as an additional module
  • All standard features
  • Prioritized support via email and phone
  • SLA 99,5%
  • Enterprise
  • .
  • Request now
  • Includes all standard features
    plus Business and
  • unlimited traffic possible
  • unlimited domains possible
  • All data in Germany, no US providers
  • also possible as OnPremise solution
  • Integration service can be added
  • any number of users possible
  • TDDDG-, DSGVO-, CCPA-, BDSG-, LGPD-, POPIA-compliant
  • Multi-client capable
  • Backend interface completely NoLabelable
  • Frontend NoLabel possible
  • Docker / container capable with MongoDB
  • Cross-account theme management
  • Own subdomain on CCM19 Cloud Server possible
  •   Google Consent Mode v2
  • Loadbalancing with own cluster possible
  • SSO and 2FA included
  • Own individual and cross-account cookie and scripts database possible
  • All standard features
  • Premium Fullsupport incl. working in your account e.g. installation incl. direct contact person
  • For more information please click here.
  • SLA 99,9%

Available payment methods

Who trusts in CCM19

A selection of our Cookie Consent customers A selection of our Cookie Consent customers

Frequently asked questions

  • What is meant by impressions or calls?
    We distinguish between the impressions of the cookie banner and the calls to the script: The banner is usually called only once by the website visitors when they enter the site. After the user has decided to accept or reject cookies, the banner is no longer displayed.
    The CCM19 script, on the other hand, is called up more frequently because it is loaded every time the page is called up; regardless of whether the banner is displayed or not. In principle, this corresponds to the impressions of a page. This value is decisive for the tariffs.

    The reason: With each call it must be checked whether a Consent exists, something changed in the meantime on offerer side etc.. This requires the ongoing comparison, i.e. the activity of CCM19. Visitors may well come back after months, then the consent must be compared and stored.

  • What is the difference between download and non-download version?
    If you select "Download" in the tariff, you will get the complete software as a download package, you can then install it on your server and run it from there. If you select no download, the software will run on CCM19's specially optimized servers. In the cloud version, all technical hurdles remain in CCM19's hands, and integration is much easier.
    The download version is for you if you a) have the technical skills to install PHP software and b) want or need to do so. All others are best off using the normal cloud variant.

    So the download version differs in one essential point from the normal version:
    1. You get complete control over all data! But you also have to install everything yourself.
  • Is there a minimum term or notice period for CCM19?
    In the tariffs there are no long periods of notice. The term is one month or 1 year - depending on which option you have chosen and you can cancel up to 1 day before the end of the term. The minimum term is ultimately the term of the selected tariff options - monthly or yearly. Regardless of the selected term, the respective contract will be renewed indefinitely after the expiration of the initial term in each case, unless it is terminated by one of the parties with one month's notice to the end of the original contract term. Termination after extension of the contract is then always permitted with a notice period of one month for both parties. The payment intervals remain as selected.
  • Is there an agency version for CCM19?
    Yes - it is available with special prices and features - ideal for agencies. For more information, click here.
  • Do you issue an official invoice with sales tax shown after the product is purchased?
    Of course, you will receive a proper invoice with VAT properly stated. As a German company, we work according to German law.
  • What happens if the limit of page views is exceeded?
    When the limit of page views is reached, the mask will be temporarily deactivated, but of course you will receive 2-3 warning emails with appropriate notices beforehand. If you either manually increase the tariff or the respective month is over, the counter starts again at 0 and the mask appears again. An automatic upgrade or additional costs will only occur if you have explicitly activated the sliding tariff. In this case you will automatically move to the next higher tariff. In any case you are always in control!
  • Where are the servers of CCM19 located, where does the data processing take place?
    All our servers are located in Limburg, Germany at OVH GmbH or at ALL-INKL.COM, Neue Medien Münnich in Dresden. We do not use cloud providers from the USA or other insecure third countries for the entire technical implementation of CCM19. OVH is one of the world's largest server providers for innovative and agile companies. Headquartered in France, OVH is fully subject to the rules of the GDPR. ALL-INKL.COM is one of the most service-oriented providers in Germany and has an adequate infrastructure to meet even the largest requirements.
  • Is CCM19 available for every system?
    The full service variant works everywhere you can embed Javascript, so everywhere you can embed Google Analytics for example. Bottom line - yes, everywhere.
  • Can CCM19 also be operated with Wordpress?
    Our tool can be used completely independent of the CMS used and accordingly works well with Wordpress. An integration guide explicitly for Wordpress can be found here: https://www.docs.ccm19.de/integrationen/ccm19-wordpress/
  • What happened to the old tariffs XS,S etc.?
    The old tariffs have been merged into the business tariff at the same price and with the same functionality. The gradations in the business tariff correspond to the individual tariffs used previously.
  • Where can I find a feature overview?
    An overview of the most important features can be found on our Products and Features page.
  • Are there any technical dependencies?
    In short: No. There is NO framework like jquery or other needed, CCM19 works with plain Javascript under all conditions.

CCM19 Standard Features List

  • Compliant with BGH ruling from 28.05.2020
  • Templates for hundreds of the most important cookies from Google Ads, Analytics, Facebook, Matomo and many more.
  • TDDDG compliant, DSGVO compliant
  • Output individual texts
  • Multilingual admin interface
  • Multilingual frontend with language selection
  • NoLabelable
  • Integrated geolocation - cookies only for visitors from EU
  • Cookie box easy to design
  • Reload of the website not necessary
  • Do not show widget on imprint/privacy pages
  • Freely definable time for forced reset of cookie consent
  • Template and instructions for Google TagManager
  • Exclude URLs from certain cookies/scripts
  • Include arbitrary JS code and obtain consent to do so
  • Meet accessibility requirements such as lock focus, optimize contrast ratios, optimized HTML, and more.
  • Detection of JS insertion (e.g. Youtube, Vimeo)
  • Individual cookie runtime possible
  • Do-not-track support
  • Permanent cookie and script scanner with log function
  • Acceptance of recognized cookies
  • Automatic privacy policy for cookies for integration into privacy page
  • New cookies can be automatically preset via cookie database
  • Export of all consent data possible
  • API for data query
  • Runs under Apache/NGINX in the download version
  • Frontend mask can be (de)activated
  • Various show/hide options
  • Integration via JS code snippets into any site/system
  • CMS/Shop system independent
  • Full data control, as open source and on own server possible
  • Consent by cookie groups
  • Detection of foreign cookies
  • Automatic deletion of foreign first-party cookies
  • Detection of non-controlled integration of Javascript
  • Automatic updates
  • E-mail to operator in case of updates incl. changelog
  • Use of placeholders
  • Automatic display of administration icons
  • Google Consent Mode
  • Google Additional Consent Mode
  • Geo targeting of the consent mask e.g. only EU
  • Tag Manager functionality

Do you have any questions?

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