CCM19 - Cookie Banner Design

With CCM19 you can customize the cookie banner that is embedded on your site in every way; visually, in form and function.

The possibilities are endless and the banner can definitely be adapted to any CI requirement. Every design is possible.

In the first banner, a seasonal Christmas image was taken, but you can of course include any other image from your portfolio.

The other banners are more sober, but also here you see that the variants can be arbitrary.

Thus, the legally necessary banner becomes a visual eye-catcher and you make a virtue out of necessity!

Red Banner

Christmas Cookie Banner
Cookie Banner Design

Standard banner

You do not have time to familiarize yourself with the possibilities? But you would like to use them for your site? You need a specially adapted layout, but don't know how to implement it?

No problem - we are happy to help you!

Our programmers adapt the cookie banner in close consultation with you to your specifications or develop the banner completely together with you, including possible special functions.

The costs for the implementation start at about 250 EUR, but are ultimately completely dependent on what exactly you want to achieve. To define your costs more precisely and to be able to make you a concrete offer, simply talk to us and write us a short message using the form below.

We are looking forward to your request!

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