Changelog CCM19 - 2020

You can read about it here: Behind the scenes, improvements to our Cookie Consent Manager are constantly being made.

Version 2020.12.21

21.2020.12 - 0034fc8ecb14431f30fbc92839954a9712f54d9e

Hopefully the last update before the Christmas holidays. There are a lot of new features again, a lot of which are due to suggestions from our community. So don't be shy to send us requests for features :-) As always, the update will be rolled out gradually over the next few days.

Here's a summary of the most important new features

  1. New background image Winter - so we can see at least a little bit of snow
  2. Forced reset of the Consent - you can now set when a Consent has to be given again
  3. Export of the Consent data via button
  4. New Consent and Domain Listing API for all accounts
  5. Search function in the embedding database

Outlook for the new year

In the new year, some new features will be added, on which we are already working intensively.

  1. Finally the TCFV2 conformity - will probably be finished this year and will go into the intensive beta phase in the first days of January
  2. Plugin interface for arbitrary extension of functionality, this will also be finished in December and will then also enter the beta phase in January
    Initially, we will only offer our own plugins, but the system is to be opened to other programmers and providers in the course of the 1st quarter of 2021, both for free and for paid extensions
  3. And of course continuous optimizations and extensions that come from our community

Detailed changelog

  1. NEW - force widget output on appropriate forced reset date
  2. NEW - new General Domain API with which Consent data can be exported and queried via API.
  3. NEW - Forced reset date introduced in admin for each domain under Consent storage
  4. NEW - Blocked domain as class in HTML element of iframe blocker
  5. NEW - Added cache invalidation for the widget
  6. NEW - API Key page in the User Admin page with new menu item
  7. NEW - Export function Consent Log - the current log data are exported...
  8. NEW - random background images are now possible... but not activated
  9. NEW - Background Image and associated colors can now be defined in the utils class...
  10. NEW - search function in embedding DB, searches in descriptions and cookie data...
  11. NEW - Iframe blocker detects and reinitializes clones of blocked elements
  12. CHANGED - menu structure in useradmin, structure copied
  13. UPDATE - all Symfony and other packages brought back to the latest version
  14. FIX - In the pagecheck only those are shown which were found on 10 addresses and which were found in the last 14 days...
  15. FIX - Minification of Javascript components optimizedFIX - Translation added, code cleaned up, formatted and commented
  16. FIX - Consider repeated loading of a resource in the iframe blocker
  17. FIX - nginx sample configuration - removed setting of PATH_TRANSLATED. This apparently causes problems.
  18. FIX - active tab is preserved
  19. FIX - CSS classes updated to avoid collision with OnSite CSS
  20. FIX - added default values for widget elements in CSS
  21. FIX - Nginx sample config improved
  22. FIX - Cookie explanation table in old cookie structure
  23. FIX - Cookie explanation table in old cookie structure
  24. FIX - Tamper protection for href="#CCM.openWidget" and other variants
  25. FIX - Display Hosting Dashboard -- Full Width Graphic
  26. FIX - Prevent property access for undefined object
  27. FIX - Fixed effect of invisible checkboxes on layout
  28. FIX - Sporadic error in automatic domain detection fixed
  29. FIX - Refactoring: Data migration when cloning domains revised
  30. FIX - Save NoLabel translations also via Search & Replace
  31. FIX - White / Blacklabel rewritten to not serve racist stereotypes
  32. FIX - Avoid unintended jumps in history when jumping to cookie/embedding list
  33. FIX - Translatability column headers embedding asset table

Version 2020.11.26

26.11.2020 - c95727feb254af513fda0a52977e700e040b877c

A little hotfix in between - With yesterday's release, we added multi-language support for lifespan and description of web store entries in the embedding dialog.

Those who had already installed the update were probably wondering about suddenly empty text fields at this point. Now the old entries are displayed again.

However, it only works as long as the empty fields have not been saved in the multilingual version.

The update can be installed as usual via the CCM19-Updater in the backend with the administrator access.

Detailed Changelog

  1. FIX - Old entries of the fields Description and Lifetime for web storage entries are preserved in multilingual version

Version 2020.11.25

25.11.2020 - ff826a677be10f4d64e1d85ccb97fc81ffe9f515

A new version with various enhancements, some of which have been requested for some time:

  1. Advanced statistics
  2. Link accessibility like imprint
  3. Downgrade possibility to jump back to a previous version
  4. Output of the cookie list in any page

You can install the update as usual via the CCM19-Updater in the backend with the administrator access.

Detailed Changelog

  1. NEW - Embedding Onboarding now also comes with the release hook
  2. NEW - Email templates for update license expired notifications Agency Version
  3. NEW - Buttons with hover/focus depending upon color value lighten and/or darken
  4. NEW - Downgrade function
  5. NEW - Output of cookie list made configurable
  6. NEW - Output of the cookie list in the data protection: HTML/CSS adjustment
  7. NEW - Display accessibility link also in embedding mode
  8. NEW - Accessibility improved (set focus, Aria attributes, keyboard handling)
  9. NEW - Accessibility improved
  10. NEW - Enable output of cookie list in privacy
  11. NEW - Make log+statistics resettable
  12. NEW - Use new statistic in hosting dashboard
  13. NEW - New statistic system
  14. NEW - Cookies & Co. now also with Embeddings multilingual - Backend administration
  15. NEW - AccessCountJournal added
  16. NEW -External links extended by property noopener
  17. NEW - Documentation now context sensitive...
  18. FIX - Transfer of language data from database to CCM for assets
  19. FIX - Embeddings: Label corrected
  20. FIX - Focused text container no longer highlighted visually
  21. FIX - Translations corrected (accessibility information, imprint, privacy)
  22. FIX - Output translated asset descriptions as well
  23. FIX - Multilingual embedding assets editing
  24. FIX -Display problem in Safari when outputting a widget logo fixed
  25. FIX -Affect blocking widget on :root element
  26. FIX -Embedding editing fixed
  27. FIX -Autom. license check without effect on running an agency version
  28. FIX -Don't produce notice in dashboard when update license expires
  29. FIX -Exception structure for config/log access errors
  30. FIX -Always load EmbeddingAssets as numeric array
  31. FIX -AutoUpdate notification on expired license only 1x per version

Version 2020.11.04

04.11.2020 - b53d6c61d9eb916d5d881529b3178f730e3b3e01

And it goes on - some minor changes and adjustments. Details can be found in the changelog below.

You can install the update as usual via the CCM19-Updater in the backend with the administrator access.

Detailed Changelog

  1. NEW - Accessibility / Barrierefreiheit details administration like imprint / privacy added.
  2. NEW - .htaccess Allow/Deny replaced by Require for Apache 2.4+.
  3. NEW - Show hint everywhere if widget is not activated.
  4. NEW - Consent-Sharing (ONLY OLD COOKIE-MANAGEMENT): Consent also to other domains of the same user in iframes.
  5. FIX - if embedding does not contain a cookie also do not show in DB list...
  6. FIX -for view if no domain is selected...
  7. FIX- create warnings in embedding.
  8. UPDATE - added default values for widget elements in CSS.

Version 2020.10.28

28.2020.10 - 2c17718f0670ea3272dfbd65051a6c1e54829d06

Hot and greasy: A fresh version with many, many new features and optimizations! For example, as already frequently requested, the colors for the iframe blocker can now finally be customized and additional individual CSS can be defined. Furthermore, the performance of the application could be increased by up to 70% in certain areas.

These and many other new features, updates and corrections can be found in the following changelog.

You can install the update as usual via the CCM19-Updater in the backend with the administrator access.

Detailed Changelog

  1. NEW - Browser compatibility: Support for e.g. Safari iOS 8 (display problems are possible)
  2. NEW - Color management and individual CSS for iframe blockers
  3. NEW - Trigger GTM event per allowed embedding
  4. NEW - Count share domains also in domain management
  5. NEW - htaccess: Check on Apache 2.4 around <If> constructs
  6. NEW - Avoid indexing CCM19 administration per metatag
  7. NEW - JS-API: Read current CCM19 version via CCM.version
  8. NEW - JS-API: Read accepted embeddings via CCM.acceptedEmbeddings
  9. NEW - Frontend-Logo and -Headline now also changeable in Agency-Version
  10. NEW - Performance optimization: Cache model repositories and user queries
  11. NEW - Performance optimization: Do not open session for external routes
  12. NEW - Collection page check emptying: PHP-Garbage-Collection run after each domain
  13. NEW - Collective delete function: preselect only on imprint/privacy policy
  14. NEW - Domainlist: Collective delete function
  15. NEW - added nopush to preload headers of ccm19.js
  16. FIX - Domain administration: HTML-Fix of the tariff table
  17. FIX - Consider cross domain sharing domains when checking if scripts are external
  18. FIX - Scripts: Note fixed: "Script blocking" under "Frontend behavior" no longer exists
  19. FIX - Logic spin on detection of unknown web store entries fixed
  20. FIX - Do not update height of iframes once consent has been granted
  21. UPDATE - Added default values for widget elements in CSS
  22. UPDATE - Stub for global TCF interface __tcfapi disabled
  23. UPDATE - Layout of color selector in theme configuration reworked
  24. UPDATE - Translations updated
  25. UPDATE - Explanation of widget activation clarified
  26. UPDATE - Save one redirect at backend call (/public → /public/)

Version 2020.10.14

14.10.2020 - f946ad11cc8881085a06db9d93d41ad54ec14df8

In the aftermath of the new version from yesterday, some problems arose that only really came to light "in the wild" and which we then correct with this update.

You can install the update as usual via the CCM19-Updater in the backend with the administrator access.

Detailed Changelog

  1. NEW - Define iframe exceptions as white- or blacklist
  2. NEW - CCM.navigate() + CCM.crossDomainConsentString - click here for the doc entry.
  3. FIX - Error message in log when switching between old and new system
  4. FIX - Consent in old administration system was not correctly recorded under certain circumstances
  5. FIX - Consent always transferred correctly for Cross-Domain-Sharing
  6. FIX - Transfer from Pagecheck still jumped to the old cookie mask
  7. FIX - Select field with "Select" at the Purposes extended -> Usability
  8. FIX - transfer of unknown Local Storage elements led to array error
  9. FIX - if Cookie / Local Storage is taken over from Pagecheck and nothing is found in the DB - then the entry is now also in the Cookies & Co. TAB
  10. FIX - transfer of old cookie data when upgrading to embeddings now works again, a code component was lost when merging.
  11. UPDATE - changed order of embeddings in pagecheck - Cookies and Local Storage are now on top

Version 2020.10.13

13.10.2020 - f83de605111468de34df3427c4141907bfff60be

This version brings some major new features, so it has taken a while since the last update. As usual, you install the update via the CCM19 updater in the backend with administrator access.

Major changes

  1. New handling of cookies, local storage and scripts (switchable) - this means that you no longer agree to individual cookies but to the integration as a whole. Example: Google Analytics sets at least 3 cookies. Until now you had to enter the cookies individually and agree to them. But it didn't make sense to agree to e.g. the first cookie _ga, but not to the 2nd cookie _gid.
    We have now solved this problem by allowing or disallowing the use of Google Analytics. The use of the categories remains as before, nothing changes.
    With these adjustments we comply with the current legal interpretation that you must be able to object to individual uses and not just at category level. You can easily change this in the administration.
    The upgrade process is described in more detail in the new online documentation.
  2. New Whitelabling for Agencies for the Agency Version
    Agencies using the NoLabel Agency Version can now completely customize the look and content of the backend - read more in our new documentation(https://www.docs.ccm19.de)
  3. New online documentation
    We have completely rewritten the documentation and moved it to a separate subdomain: https://docs.ccm19.de/ The source code of the documentation can be found on Github and is subject to an open license. You can fork it at any time, submit issues and pull requests and contribute to the documentation.
    Agencies that want to fork the documentation can do so at any time and adapt the content to their NoLabel settings.

Detailed Changelog

  1. UPDATE - Theme adjustments Light / Dark Theme - modernized and adapted to new edition
  2. UPDATE - Onboarding adapted to new script handling
  3. UPDATE - Translations added
  4. UPDATE - Link to docs moved to new docs page
  5. UPDATE - updated used Symfony and other classes
  6. UPDATE - After installation only German active
  7. NEW - Mandatory consent before switching from cookie to embedding

  8. NEW - new handling of cookies, local storage and scripts (switchable)

  9. NEW - integrated upgrade process for users to switch to the new presentation

  10. NEW - Consent Sharing also via iframes

  11. NEW - Iframe Handling now also by unique Consent all unlocked

  12. NEW - Extended NoLabeling for agencies (now you can really customize EVERYTHING!), Custom Backend CSS, Custom Texts etc.

  13. NEW - Acceptance of cookies and scripts from a database

  14. NEW - Preview function in the theme - so you don't have to activate the page directly

  15. FIX - IFrame blocker with fixed aspect ratio fit in element

  16. FIX - Show content of IFrame-Blocker always complete

  17. FIX - typing errors

  18. FIX - several minor fixes and corrections due to automatic code analysis

Version 2020.09.22.1

22.09.2020 - 493c714ebe9e776c1a71b4a37d20dafdbbf3ac1d

This version fixes an issue that seemed to occur randomly and caused cookies to be deleted even though they were allowed in the widget.

You can update as usual using the CCM19 updater in the backend with administrator access.

Detailed changelog

  1. Clean up cookies based on selected categories only when widget is loaded

Version 2020.09.22

22.09.2020 - c423d9f741be9609bbb9ecb5cadba335f336d484

Since this version, domains in the hosting version can be copied with a click. Furthermore, incompatibilities with external code libraries have been fixed.

You can install the update as usual via the CCM19-Updater in the backend with the administrator access.

Detailed Changelog

  1. Copying of whole domains now per click in the domain administration (hosting version, ICMP)
  2. Compatibility to external and extremely outdated libraries like prototype.js from 2010 optimized - The CCM19 widget could not be closed in some cases since last version.

Version 2020.09.21

21.09.2020 - 1f17846b7fa4dada815b6f16057aab8a6a0a68ec

This release adds more output options to CCM19. In addition, a generation number has been defined to protect the update process against incompatible versions in the future.

You can install the update as usual via the CCM19 updater in the backend with the administrator access.

Detailed Changelog

  1. Call counter can now be reset customer based (hosting version, ICMP)
  2. Logic for reloading scripts after Consent configuration corrected
  3. Display categories per theme configuration in main window
  4. Generation number to manage updates with breaking changes

Version 2020.09.03

04.09.2020 - c0c92ed1eed277b51abc6bff2164354795358ab4

This version adds, besides minor additions and fixes, a list of domain names set up via consent sharing in the domain overview.

Detailed changelog

  1. Agency version: Show list of share domains in domain overview
  2. Agency version: Added clarifying note about domain setup for Consent-Sharing
  3. Note on unavailable Consent-Sharing clarified
  4. Delete invalid cookies on subdomains also for .example.com
  5. Added cache directory tag file
  6. Fix: Display error in PageCheck in Chrome/Edge

Version 2020.08.26

26.08.2020 - 37133a40adca09c285844ef4a72c5b6819965d5d

With this release, in addition to some minor additions and fixes, blocking new/unknown scripts becomes separately controllable from blocking selected scripts. The script blocker can now no longer be disabled in general, but becomes active whenever an entry in the Scripts menu item is disabled.

The update is installed as usual via the CCM19-Updater in the administration.

Detailed Changelog

  1. Output of the widget, even if CCM19 is reloaded from other software
  2. Click manipulation protection can now be disabled with restrictions
  3. Page-Check: Special handling for local storage entries of Shopware widget caches
  4. Frontend behaviour: "Block scripts" replaced by "Block new scripts automatically
  5. Fixed some translations german/english
  6. Built-in blacklist for LocalStorage entries extended
  7. Fix: Blacklist did not work for SessionStorage entries
  8. File size limit of 512k for page check files (cm-found-storage.json etc.)

Version 2020.08.19

19.08.2020 - 137f2570d042f59a90ce423c755ff7ef575c0149

With this version it is possible to link the imprint and privacy policy instead of copying them completely into the cookie manager. In addition, a message is now displayed when a session has expired, informing you that you have to log in again.

The update is installed as usual via the CCM19-Updater in the administration.

Detailed Changelog

  1. Selection, if imprint and privacy are available as link or as content
  2. Search entries are preserved when paginating in the backend
  3. Pagination now also at system log per month
  4. Page-Check: Save only up to 10 page URLs to found cookies etc
  5. Page-Check: "Delete all entries"-Button
  6. Agency version: User change function for admin accounts
  7. Agency version: Log changes in customer accounts in the system log
  8. Warning message if logout in another tab or session expired
  9. For customers without last login don't show 1.1.1970, but -
  10. Edit/delete customers with CSRF tokens secured and code optimized
  11. Edit/delete domains secured with CSRF tokens and code optimized
  12. Cookie edit code slightly optimized
  13. Agency version: fixed caching bug in hosting dashboard
  14. Logo caching + longer caching of external routes
  15. Uncached logo previews
  16. Redirect on invalid domain ID in URL instead of showing error page
  17. Docblock comments fixed

Version 2020.08.11

11.08.2020 - 27bb7381c890b60dff2b31835d6431d427becdf6

This version optimizes domain matching and the iframe blocker, among other things. In addition, events are now automatically triggered in the Google Tag Manager.

The update is applied as usual via the CCM19 updater in the administration.

Detailed Changelog

  1. Explanation texts in the caching section added
  2. Modals become vertically scrollable if not everything fits. This is e.g. relevant in the category window, as soon as longer description texts are deposited
  3. Detect web resources with iframe blockers if they are defined at runtime. (Dynamic update of the src attribute)
  4. Domain matching improved for autom. domain selection
  5. Compatibility between autom. domain selection and domain list with Consent storage
  6. Trigger custom events "CCM19.cookieAccepted.<cookiename>" in Google Tag Manager
  7. Translations updated

Version 2020.07.31.1

31.2020/07 - f1af5da0c3dbc0406188e64031a3a94882d908ad

Double is better! Following up with another hotfix that fixes the functionality of the "Remove unknown cookies" option.

The update is applied as usual via the CCM19 updater in the administration.

Detailed Changelog

  1. Implementation of the option "Remove unknown cookies" fixed

Version 2020.07.31

31.07.2020 - e9bbb1a71b1329f0b36b16c7db621d1d8dfe5561

Today we have another small hotfix update that should fix a small issue in the iframe blocker output.

The update is applied as usual via the CCM19 updater in the administration.

Detailed Changelog

  1. Iframe blocker: Restore inline CSS (height) when releasing an iframe

Version 2020.07.30

30.07.2020 - 2f32b280ceb11fc21507d6ea0e1de13d7d49af26

This update improves the blocking of dynamically inserted javascripts and adds some minor functionality.

The update is installed as usual via the CCM19-Updater in the administration.

Detailed Changelog

  1. Agency version: Configurable BCC for quota emails
  2. JS/CSS minification can be deactivated under "Frontend Behaviour
  3. PageCheck: Display fix for empty table
  4. Consent sharing via subdomains with cookie storage
  5. Agency-Version: Cross-Domain-Consent-Sharing
  6. New menu item: Caching with cache clearing function
  7. Menu reordered: "Logs" for System Log and Consent Log
  8. Breadcrumbs reworked
  9. .htaccess made more compatible for some Apache versions
  10. Cache rebuild functionality consolidated
  11. New default hint text in banner
  12. Compatibility of Javascript polyfills on old browsers improved
  13. Optimization of domain search and pagination
  14. Display active domains now with hook
  15. No longer automatically activate widget for new domains
  16. Confirmation hint before activating the widget
  17. Javascript code further commented
  18. Determine height of blocked iframes only as soon as they become visible
  19. Search in Consent Messages
  20. Block dynamically inserted scripts better (appendChild/insertBefore)
  21. Find blockable elements that are added via innerHTML, for example
  22. Quick-Setup in self-service variant
  23. Make Magento init code blockable
  24. New background image of the login mask

Version 2020.07.20

20.07.2020 - (e0f769dbdec3e14a3ac524bebccf75db1be812e4)

New day, new update!

The update will be applied as usual via the CCM19 update in the administration.

Detailed changelog

  1. FIX: IE11 compatibility improved
  2. NEW: use category translations in the log as column headers
  3. FIX: several minor fixes in HTML forms - labels etc.

Version 2020.07.17

17.07.2020 - (87a53ce6bfdc34eaca27c3fd7f6b300a596be191)

This update re-sets some fixes and points.

The update is applied as usual via the CCM19 update in the administration.

Detailed Changelog

  1. FIX Cookie Scanner - now all data is taken over...
  2. FIX: Empty Cookies with N.A. extended so that the onboaerding can run through...
  3. NEW: New menu - Consent storage + Consent in Cookie/LocalStorage/SessionStorage storable
  4. Consent protocol added behind Consent storage so that it can be seen thematically together
  5. Show cookie purposes also in listing
  6. Use only currently set Consent storage location
    Fallback to cookies only if localStorage and sessionStorage
    are not supported
  7. Clean cookies after page load based on selected purposes
    Fix: Until now cookies managed by CCM19 and not yet allowed were only deleted after page load if at least one consent was given.
  8. NEW: Set functionality on inactive widget to cron/reporting only

Version 2020.07.13

13.07.2020 - (3ed3b41f420f98dd8244ca6110e77dfa7d40992f)

New day, new update! This update addresses only 1 minor issue that could cause cookies that were not yet allowed to simply not be deleted. Affected cookies were e.g. those that were not set for the domain ".www.domain.xyz" but "www.domain.xyz".

The update is installed as usual via the CCM19 update in the administration.

Detailed Changelog

  1. FIX: Delete invalid cookies also for exact domain, without leading dot

Version 2020.07.10

10.07.2020 - (f2d33e223fb907497c5fb3c7260c025838b665bc)

Today there is again a fresh version to install via the CCM19 updater. Besides some minor fixes it is now possible to specify a proxy server during setup.

Detailed changelog

  1. Styling proxy setting in setup
  2. Set proxy already in setup
  3. Always use proxy in license check
  4. Fix: Under certain circumstances undefined Twig variable update_notifier
  5. Smaller bugfixes

Version 2020.07.09

09.07.2020 - (77ca6b920d69272e1c245e669a1b2214acaecdac)

Once again, a few fixes and new features to install via the CCM19 updater. Here are the most important changes.

Detailed changelog

  1. Fix: Consider limit value -1 for NoLabel licenses as unlimited; was not considered before
  2. Fix: access to undefined constant fixed; debug code removed
  3. Styling: alignment of main content in CCM19 administration unified
  4. Styling: LESS code cleaned up
  5. Backend: Texts / Translations updated

Version 2020.07.07

07.07.2020 - (f2abc4cb020348783f8f35b10bb6208d8f081bbc)

Today there is again a fresh version to install via the CCM19 updater. Here are the most important changes.

Detailed changelog

  1. FIX inclusion of jquery in onboardig script.... still referred to 3.4.1 not to 3.5.1
  2. Dashboard: Hide Quicksetup temporarily in Base-Edition
  3. Basics for log deletions integrated

Version 2020.07.02

02.07.2020 - (88c5005ffd162d0cbf9404d783447533f2ea3b58)

Today there is again a fresh version to install via the CCM19 updater. Here are the most important changes.

Detailed changelog

  1. Widget on mobile devices not generally full-screen; logo is hidden
  2. Translations updated
  3. Fixes update notification + refactoring
  4. Email settings dialog revised
  5. Proxy via network settings made editable
  6. New button for full consent in category selection (can be activated via theme)
  7. Removal of not yet approved cookies improved: delete cookies for www-domain also for .example.com
  8. Dashboard: take changed consents into account in statistics
  9. Sortable and filterable domain list
  10. Update jquery 3.4.1 → 3.5.1

Version 2020.06.25

25.06.2020 - (57cafeac532b5fc7b22edc5c5d5f55abbc632967)

This is a small hotfix to fix a small visual quirk.

Detailed changelog

  1. Removed bar at the right side of the widget
  2. Unlocking an iframe unlocks all iframes of the same domain

Version 2020.06.23

23.06.2020 - (638d0cbc8935152994aebf4507be079f9039bc11)

Here are the most important adjustments in a summary, the version will be available as an update from 24.06. during the day.

General adjustments Full- and Selfservice-Variant

  1. Inclusion of a thumbnail for blocked Slideshare embeds
  2. Outdated thumbnails will be deleted automatically after some time
  3. Improved compatibility for Safari
  4. Capture of widget reloads for statistics
  5. Increased resilience against data corruption
  6. Deleting page check entries now works independent of the server
  7. Script blocking for cookies is now only done when the widget is active
  8. Iframe blocker is now disabled by default

Detailed changelog

  1. Hint at "activate widget" that iframe/script blocking is independent of it
  2. Leave iframe blocker disabled by default
  3. Allowed HTTP methods for external routes more specifically specified
  4. Locking improved -> avoid deadlocks
  5. Script-blocking by cookies only if widget is also active
  6. Page-Check: urlencode cookie name when accepting it
  7. PageCheck: Transfer URL/Names for delete button as Base64
  8. Logging of client API calls
  9. Miscellaneous fixes
  10. Add locking to edit/delete forms
  11. Clean locking of all JSON files -> Higher data security with many concurrent accesses
  12. Save category descriptions and output them in the frontend widget
  13. Use placeholders {Firma_Ort} and {Firma_Datenschutz} by default
  14. Ignore fake clicks on Consent button
  15. Do not count language change as new insertion
  16. Do not count deactivated widget as view
  17. Dashboard: Show all fade-ins in the chart
  18. Dashboard: Show number of insertions instead of number of consents
  19. Record new insertions of the widget
  20. Removed obsolete hint about HTML tags from placeholder tooltip
  21. Suppress error message for manipulated Cookie/LocalStorage value
  22. Fix: Safari Layout Banner
  23. View HTTP cookie name when deleting unauthorized cookies
  24. Do not delete unknown cookies when checking selected categories
  25. Hide mail if too much traffic in Base-Edition
  26. Comments added to code
  27. Fix: Creation of domain directory in Base-Edition if missing
  28. Clean up thumbnails via cronjob regularly
  29. Collect error on thumbnail fetch in log instead of broken iframe
  30. Thumbnail extractor for Slideshare
  31. Added text field for script blocking in "Create Cookie" dialog
  32. Template error in "Create Cookie" dialog fixed

Version 2020.06.03

03.06.2020 - (5f78bc07d2b88544756c6b7468765432e4afb91a)

Here are the most important adjustments in a summary, the version will be available as an update from 04.06. during the day.

General adjustments Full- and Selfservice-Variant

  1. Inclusion of still images from blocked videos
  2. Consent is now stored in local storage
  3. Output scripts are now minified and compressed
  4. Significantly improved browser compatibility
  5. Blocking of scripts depending on Consent integrated - increases flexibility significantly!

Fullservice variant only

  1. Guided Quicksetup incl. cookie scan and automatic pre-population of cookies and texts
  2. Multiple domains can now be edited in parallel in different tabs

Detailed changelog

  1. Do not block iframes without URL or with data:/about:-URL
  2. Cache thumbnails for 12 hours
  3. Store Consent in LocalStorage instead of Cookie
  4. Clear thumbnail cache when deleting a client
  5. Thumbnail cache clear button created
  6. Pass GET parameters on server-internal redirection
  7. Load index.php by default when calling directories
  8. Content-Blocker: Thumbnail-srcset optimized
  9. Thumbnail extractor: Facebook videos
  10. Refactoring: VideoInformation → EmbedInformation
  11. Thumbnail Extractor: Vimeo and Peertube
  12. Iframe for content blocker only resize if necessary, not shrink
  13. Thumbnail-Extractor: Youtube + embedded as background image in ContentBlocker
  14. ThumbnailExtractor: Youtube
  15. Minifier: Improve handling of TwigMarkup
  16. JS/CSS minification
  17. z-index for widget changed Display JS output in QUick Setup adjusted
  18. OnBoarding Service: check for internal IPs reworked
  19. OnBoarding-Model: code indentation
  20. FIX activate manual jump out
  21. check for local urls in quick setup
  22. FIX save privacy data correctly
  23. FIX send mails with quota...
  24. Language fixes
  25. Quick setup skip button added...
  26. made OK accept all
  27. Fixes to implement the onboarding correctly also with the new url structures
  28. Domain selection via URL solved
  29. PageCheck: handle cookie/storage names with slashes better
  30. Added hint to reset cookie DB Added hint to Quick Setup in dashboard on top of the page
  31. Finalization and translation of Quick Setup
  32. Cookie, placeholder and imprint / privacy are now set in QUicksetup iframes are now always blocked as default light theme always default
  33. Domain selection via URL solved
  34. Routes in cookie controller simplified
  35. Browser compatibility for jumpTo function increased
  36. Output of cookies now sorted by test
  37. Quick Setup, cookies are now correctly processed and categorized
  38. Htaccess: Compression of delivered JS/CSS files
  39. New script hashing (deletes previous script entries)
  40. IE compatibility for CustomEvent triggers
  41. Interaction between Script-Blocker and Pro-Cookie-Script-Blocking improved
  42. Text added with reference to One Entry Per Line for Cookie Blocking FUnction
  43. Reactivate purposes blocked by cookies on consent
  44. Script blocking per cookie
  45. Script blocking storage for cookies optimized + translations
  46. Iframe blocker height adjustment without direct access to the iframe
  47. Iframe height adjustment to blocking in iframe blocker
  48. Block field added in Cookie Manager
  49. Added dynamic path generation in Twig for assets of the project

Version 2020.05.13

13.05.2020 - (5f472158bfc7b1e28cad1156570e189aa4efe057)

  1. Added several minority languages
  2. Apply new placeholder replacement in widget
  3. Removed old placeholder replacement system
  4. Replaced placeholder {IHRE_FIRMA} with {FIRMA}
  5. FIX - Widget initialization crashed on some devices
  6. Iframe blocker: exceptions enabled
  7. FIX - CCM widget made uninteresting for reading mode of various browsers
  8. FIX - Logfile date selection fixed
  9. Modals of frontend widget extended by attribute aria-hidden
  10. Ignore more randomly changing parts of script URLs
  11. Show cookies in script list
  12. Fixed translations
  13. Capture set cookies for scripts
  14. Use numeric value 4 instead of XMLHttpRequest.DONE for increased compatibility when loading the widget
  15. Set widget icon behavior in theme configuration - open main window or category selector

Version 2020.05.05

05.05.2020 - (b1234ae024fefb15b0d0177f44648b7a95e125f1)

Hosting version

  1. Fix: widgets were not activatable with a set domain limit of -1
  2. Domain selection in header limited in its maximum width

Version 2020.04.30

30.04.2020 - (034e2677c768f23fe9afa293475029e3e9efb762)

General adjustments

  1. Output of visitor cookie ID in detail view of widget
  2. Frontend widgets reworked to avoid collisions with OnSite CSS
  3. Translations updated

Hosting version

  1. System and user themes - Easy distribution of themes across all domains
  2. Domain auto-creation - Show code snippet in domain management when feature is enabled

Version 2020.04.27

27.04.2020 - (1e96dd81bd2e9d8f366a55c0537fdccb4bfb7417)

There were some intermediate versions not listed here - here is the complete changelog since the last version mentioned here. In total there were again 79 commits with many changes and fixes. The most important relevant changes:

  1. Account-wide themes for all domains integrated - i.e. you can set and manage a theme across all your own domains without having to go into the individual management of the domains.
  2. Various adjustments in the theme creation / management
  3. New onboarding script for new users - will be extended and changed continuously
  4. Improved blocking of indexing by Google
  5. Automatic blocking of scripts and administration of scripts integrated
  6. Cookies reject button added


Detailed changelog

  1. Account-wide themes for all domains integrated - i.e. you can set and manage a theme across all your domains without having to go into the individual administration of the domains.
  2. Script blocking and management integrated
  3. active domain linked... so you can click on it
  4. Frame color of the widget is now read from theme configuration
  5. Error message for corrupt color values in themes summarized
  6. Logins are now logged
  7. Onboarding so far finished - at the first login you get now a short instruction - which you can also call up again at any time In addition there is now the button help - which leads to the documentation
  8. Password forgotten link changed to form - hopefully it will be found better this way
  9. Algorithm for color brightening by slight desaturation optimized
  10. Added X-Robots tag to CCM19 scripts
  11. Users can now be searched in customer management
  12. Bapperl in the menu at Update on / off - this shows if an update should be done or not...
  13. Themes extended by Look&Feel selection types Checkbox and Switch
  14. Treat e-mail address in customer API as mandatory field when creating a new customer account
  15. Cookie predefinition optimized once
  16. Secure CCM19 backend session cookie
  17. set ccm_consent-Cookie with SameSite=Lax
  18. Caching improved
  19. Translation added
  20. Fallback to username for quota email, if no email address is set
  21. Catch exception and record as warning in log
  22. Generic error message for frontend requests via API key
  23. Optimized memory usage for log archiving
  24. Archiving of log as soon as file size reaches 5 MB
  25. Added new menu item Scripts
  26. Network setting for SSL offloading (force HTTPS connection)
  27. RewriteRule for mod_cache optimized
  28. Center text to more faithfully simulate buttons via CSS class
  29. Flexbox support for buttons of the whole frontend widget
  30. Adapted HTML code for flexbox support for buttons of the main window
  31. Fixed a problem that could occur when decoding cookies
  32. Reworked output of widget buttons
  33. Shortening of "reject cookies" added to fallback
  34. Widget buttons positioned next to each other and text shortened
  35. Added fallback for untranslated text in existing accounts
  36. Implemented "reject cookies" button in frontend widget
  37. Correctly positioned language changer in top aligned widget
  38. added iFrame blocker with noindex as meta element and HTTP header
  39. Fix: placeholder format error message now disappears when input is corrected
  40. Links contained in widget marked with nofollow
  41. Display of logo for themes in template disabled
  42. FIX: not all languages directly active - only DE / EN.

Version 2020.03.06

06.03.2020 - (4778287fd82474049b31a79605d13cd59050288a)

There have been 97 commits to our development server, many bugfixes but also again some substantial enhancements.

  1. New languages have been added ("fr", "es", "pt", "it", "nl", "pl", "ru")
  2. The language files have been translated, as well as the content for the languages - except for the cookies, this data has to be set individually anyway.
  3. Powered By Links can be customized now

Detailed changelog

  1. FIX: not all languages directly active - only DE / EN.
  2. Transfer of the determined language to the widget template corrected
  3. Only show active languages as tabs in cookie management
  4. Enable/disable translations for frontend widget
  5. Consider user role when reading, editing and deleting via customer API
  6. Added language extension also for the content Templates and CSS a bit adjusted so that all languages fit Needs hook for language active...
  7. Added more languages and translations to the backend
  8. Always save repo after deleting a domain; override parameters
  9. Update version names when making a zip archive
  10. Added modular components for "Powered by" configuration
  11. Unified spacing between legend and .panel-body
  12. License key was not sent to update server
  13. Template for placeholder extended by data protection URL and company headquarters
  14. Reloading after deletion of unknown cookies disabled until further notice
  15. Fixed runtime error when checking active cookies
  16. Validation of user entries in customer administration optimized
  17. Documentation of request signature with Hawk extended
  18. "make translations" to update the translation file
  19. Corrections of translations
  20. Login license check: error message in log reformulated
  21. Caching of CSS route for frontend implemented
  22. Smaller bugfixes
  23. Hosting dashboard chart
  24. Update notification emails when autoupdate is inactive
  25. Merge branch 'master' of bitbucket.org:papooteam/cookie-consent-management
  26. JS code comments cleaned up
  27. Fix: undeclared array in theme controller
  28. Cookie controller: CookieDB code cleaned up
  29. Small bugs in WidgetEmbedding and SetupWarningHandler fixed
  30. Warnings in Cookie-Model and -Controller fixed, minimal refactoring
  31. Fix Notices in ControllerUpdate
  32. Statistics in Hosting Dashboard
  33. Implemented overlay to display cookie configuration in frontend
  34. Email to notify when call limit is exhausted
  35. Counting and blocking of widget calls implemented
  36. Debugcode removed
  37. Implemented cronjob for integrity check of tariff parameters
  38. Added indicator for output of frontend widget in domain table
  39. Output of the widget linked to the number of domains of the tariff
  40. ? {versionID} appended to included CSS/JS
  41. Annotations to make static code analysis happy
  42. Moved Twig variables to TwigGlobalsHandler
  43. Error email on failed auto update
  44. Loading classes needed at the end of the update
  45. Email sending: consider sendmail_path from php.ini
  46. Highlight selected domain with background color
  47. Added back link to leave meta sidebar
  48. Fixed pagination of the system log
  49. Remove logo entry from theme if file does not exist
  50. Output of active NoLabel licenses corrected
  51. Version name in .gitignore added
  52. AutoUpdate: e-mails on success and on wrong directory permissions
  53. Show version in footer
  54. Fixed return after login
  55. Use autowiring for cronjobs
  56. Added human readable version numbers
  57. instapaper_ignore CSS class to widget
  58. Various bugfixes
  59. AutoUpdate reworked
  60. Merge branch 'master' of bitbucket.org:papooteam/cookie-consent-management
  61. Renamed hosting api to customer api... that's more like it
  62. Made customer password hashes editable via hosting API
  63. Adjusted error message for invalid payload; application/json
  64. Validation of the license key via cronjob
  65. After auto update: reinitialize cache
  66. LoggerInterface introduced + More logging
  67. Added image for setup and lineendings are somehow different... seems so - otherwise the rest of the files are identical...
  68. Ensured data integrity when running sequential cronjobs
  69. Fixed critical bug in frontend API user handling
  70. Hosting API placed under Customers menu item
  71. API endpoints for customer management (CRUD) implemented
  72. SystemLog for hosting interface
  73. Autoupdate + system log
  74. Translations for Hosting-API area updated
  75. Basic framework of hosting API implemented
  76. Fixed syntax error in method signature
  77. Preparation Autoupdate
  78. Config not flagged as dirty if primitive datatype o. string unchanged
  79. Fixed distortion of custom backend logos in agency versions
  80. Set up NoLabel and powered-by link for agency version
  81. Migrated CCM19 license registration to API client
  82. Revised user navigation in case of invalid license
  83. Fixed incorrect object type
  84. Fix: Empty session on login
  85. Code refactoring: Update function moved to AppComponentUpdate
  86. Cronjob 'LicenseCheck' implemented
  87. Basic framework for cronjob execution added
  88. Error proneness when iterating domain data reduced
  89. NEW - in the domain manager now also the tariff base data are shown
  90. FIX variables error when entering a new domain
  91. Ensure that directories are created during update
  92. Setup and Update: Unzipping optimized
  93. Update to new system + translations
  94. Merge branch 'master' of bitbucket.org:papooteam/cookie-consent-management
  95. NoLabel license count is now also used when creating / managing domains...

Version 2020.02.26

26.02.2020 - (e1a4726ecb7671b8e5d37b7ced153c9757221c83)

This version was released after a longer development cycle - upcoming versions will have shorter cycles and therefore will include fewer new features. As automatic updates are also available from this version onwards this should work fine.

  1. Pagecheck has been reworked and data summarized
  2. The cookie / script crawler is now running permanently
  3. Account data are now editable (username, password etc.)
  4. Function "Reset password" added - only works if email sending is configured sensibly.
  5. System is now completely multilingual and thus also controllable (frontend as well as backend)
  6. Added hint to still existing setup files
  7. Explicit logout from the administration interface now possible
  8. Any number of clients with agency license possible
  9. Youtube and Co. videos can now be blocked
  10. Geolocation - users outside the EU do not have to confirm now (can be deactivated)
  11. NoLabeling also in the backend
  12. Automatic updates integrated
  13. Bugs in the license management fixed
  14. Layout of the login mask tightened
  15. Placeholder management integrated
  16. Dashboard for agency version extended
  17. Integration link with cookie database - data can now be transferred automatically
  18. New cookies can now be transferred directly from the check
  19. Language change in cookie banner activated
  20. Cookie banner can now be activated / deactivated
  21. Changelog is also shown in the admin of CCM19
  22. Cookies are now also removed directly if the checkmark for the category was removed
  23. Multidomain Management extended
  24. Customer management in agency version extended
  25. Customer management now via API
  26. Powered By Link now manageable for Agency Version
  27. many more small changes and usability improvements
  28. Hundreds of smaller bugfixes
  29. In total 155 commits

Version 2020.01.23

23.01.2020 - (818c0856042283528b708402dd77ec8768241291)

  1. Syntax highlighting when editing theme CSS and cookie JavaScript code
  2. Added alternative link targets to reopen cookie widget

  3. Language change in CCM widget enabled

Version until 23.01.2020

No changelog available.


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