Changelog CCM19 07.09.2021 - 16.12.2022

Version 2022.12.16

16.12.2022 - 2e48e0d31de605751009327ca3c05ea7845f36d3

Don't be alarmed, just a small hotfix release.

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. FIX - Script placeholder: save text modules when creating from template
  2. FIX - Possible recursion loop when building cookie declaration table fixed

Version 2022.12.15

15.12.2022 - 2dce7e90fae35887f819f83c5361375bd8c51d57

A new version is available! Some bugfixes have been integrated and some things are new again. The most visually prominent new feature is the darkmode, which can now be activated simply by clicking and is permanently saved per user account.

Darkmode CCM19 Cookie Consent Manager / Cookie Banner

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - Darkmode available for every user
  2. NEW - In the cloud, all users can now download their current invoices
  3. NEW - Enhancements to the interface with "Save" & "Save and Close" buttons - these features will be rolled out further over the next few weeks.
  4. NEW - when leaving the page and there are still unsaved changes is now warned
  5. NEW - new winter image
  6. NEW - consider iframe blocking strings during onboarding (also via API)
  7. NEW - Agency version: allow customer search also by frontend API key
  8. NEW - Agency-Version: Take over Origins from NoLabel-CSS into CSP
  9. NEW - Agency version: Enable customer search also by frontend API key
  10. NEW - New developer setting to delay initial widget output
  11. NEW - Account setting "Show banner-only-on-correct-hostname" as default for new domains
  12. NEW - Sticky save bar that now appears when scrolling and changing an input field
  13. NEW - Script placeholder: account-wide template management implemented
  14. FIX - IMEX Plugin - Further corrected & optimized
  15. FIX - Performance fix: Inline CSS moved to theme overview
  16. FIX - Smaller performance optimizations, suggestions from Lighthouse implemented for backend
  17. FIX - Fix accessibility for contrast output in theme color picker
  18. FIX - Plugin script placeholder: Various adjustments and fixes
  19. FIX - User address fields made largely optional again
  20. FIX - no longer show "Your session has expired" dialog on 404 error pages
  21. FIX - logic error in iframe blocker activation fixed
  22. FIX - Consent sharing now also correctly transfers subsequent changes to the consent to other domains
  23. FIX - Frontend JavaScript: prevent unnecessary browser warning "unreachable code after return statement
  24. FIX - Reverse proxy support: allow changed hostname by reverse proxy
  25. FIX - Build cookie declaration table included centrally in "Build Pipeline
  26. FIX - Forms for creating and editing customers unified
  27. CHANGE - Keep assignment of mandatory categories in update service
  28. CHANGE - Enable iframe blocker if relevant embeds are created during onboarding
  29. CHANGE - Auto-Update for embeddings: Note moved to the top because it is often overlooked
  30. CHANGE - Customer management divided into "main accounts" and "subusers
  31. CHANGE - Button "Update embedding now" after feedback renamed to "Get latest version from database
  32. BUMP - Packages updated.

Version 2022.11.08

08.11.2022 - 6f689489ed66cf1bef899e892131c5f3ac2255fd

A new version is available! Some bugfixes have been integrated and some things are new again.

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - In the dev settings you can now set that the banner is only displayed on the associated domain.
  2. NEW - New setting to add importent to all CSS Settings
  3. NEW - Agency version: Trusted reverse proxies configurable
  4. FIX - IMEX Plugin - default values for incomplete import files corrected
  5. FIX - Widget styling: Partial isolation from surrounding website
  6. FIX - Timeout problem with new cookie database fixed
  7. FIX - Agency version only - client fields no longer all on required
  8. FIX - Agency version only - stay in mask after editing a user
  9. FIX - Embedding mapping on automatic update fixed
  10. FIX - Unsubscribe function in emails fixed
  11. FIX - Agency version only - CSS from WL area was not set correctly - special characters were lost
  12. FIX - Theme configuration could not be saved under some circumstances

Version 2022.11.02

02.11.2022 - 601ab189d5679eb74c8b8c39efe1258ebfbc7638

A new version is available! The most important new features and improvements can be found in the following list. The update will be installed as usual via the menu item "Update" or will be downloaded automatically within the next days, if auto-update is active.

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - Notice if an update is available soon
  2. NEW - ImEx plugin: consider AB tests
  3. NEW - Widget can now be activated for multiple domains at once
  4. NEW - Customer list inverted (newest entries first - only for Agency / Enterprise version)
  5. NEW - Emergency cache flush function in case of exception errors
  6. NEW - Hosting API: 'Client' component extended by new properties
  7. NEW - Hosting API: New endpoint for creating bindings after cookies
  8. NEW - Show save button via theme configuration in details window
  9. FIX - Display problems fixed
  10. FIX - Prevent double script execution during HTML manipulation
  11. FIX - Cookie explanation table not build inside a '<p>' element
  12. FIX - ImEx plugin: consider additional user data
  13. FIX - SSO plugin: bug fixes and more meaningful error messages
  14. FIX - SSO Plugin: Improved compatibility with Gitlab
  15. FIX - Sorting of country list adapted to current backend language
  16. FIX - Hosting API: Enable auto-update for imported integrations
  17. FIX - Hosting API: Under certain circumstances, a success code was sent incorrectly
  18. FIX - Hosting API: Translations are now taken over correctly
  19. FIX - Hosting API: Various program logic-critical corrections made
  20. CHANGE - New requirement for new installations: 'intl' PHP extension
  21. UPDATE - Translations updated
  22. UPDATE - Hosting API: Documentation updated

Version 2022.09.21

21.09.2022 - 80c8a1edb573ae46e07e48ae2304b58accecef00

Here we have again a little bit at the performance screw turned. You always think, more is not possible, but then we find one or the other adjusting screw. We also updated the GEO IP database and added a new 1-click endpoint in the hosting API.

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - Frontend performance increased
  2. NEW - IFrame blocker: noted allowed iframe domains are forgotten as soon as the cookie dialog is resaved without "Accept all"
  3. NEW - MongoDB performance optimizations
  4. NEW - Hosting API: "1-click" endpoint to create domains with website scan
  5. NEW - Admin menu - account settings and tariff management now combined in a separate area
  6. FIX - Script placeholder also build at runtime
  7. FIX - Avoid blockade during setup in current directory ('./')
  8. FIX - Error with unknown country in BackendLanguage model avoided
  9. FIX - ImEx plugin various fixes for correct data transfer
  10. UPDATE - update of GeoIP database
  11. BUMP - updated all existing packages

Version 2022.09.06

06.09.2022 - fe32bf80001b02e444e356a5f5b51de09cb22f9d

A bit more performance, a bit less bugs - a new version is available! The update will be installed as usual via the menu item "Update" or will be downloaded automatically within the next days, if "Auto-Update" is active.

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - Frontend cache: Performance increased
  2. NEW - New background image for the login screen (Winter is coming...)
  3. NEW - New language variants for translations added (en_CA, fr_BE, it_CH and more)
  4. NEW - HTML links in the text of the iframe blocker are now preserved
  5. NEW - Update history can be viewed in the update area
  6. FIX - Cookiebot importer language bug fixed
  7. FIX - ImEx plugin: missing locale attributes added
  8. FIX - Hosting API (Domain): Extract path from 'name' even if no protocol is defined
  9. FIX - Better error handling when caching TCF vendor list
  10. FIX - Legal texts could not be saved under certain circumstances
  11. FIX - Skip corrupt entries in log files (e.g. due to full disk)
  12. FIX - Info tables about cookies etc. scrollable horizontally if needed
  13. CHANGE - Do not force "Deny" button if there are only technically necessary inclusions

Version 2022.08.24

24.08.2022 - 114fdbd1f83411c406c88e5d4e495072e292f0f8

A small bug fix release and this version prepares the cloud for the upcoming agency / reseller tariffs.

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - TCF: Download extended disclosure data via reverse proxy by default
    These must be downloaded on-demand from the server of the respective TCF vendor
    . Without a reverse proxy, it is therefore not possible to set a meaningful firewall rule in restrictive environments.
  2. NEW - Lazy-loading for the settings icon implemented
  3. NEW - Console commands 'app:env:all', 'app:env:get', 'app:env:set' - Simplifies (automated) setting of variables in '.env.local', e.g. in Ansible.
  4. NEW - Added console command 'app:debug:model:list'
    This can be used to display all entries in a model.
    E.g. 'bin/console app:debug:model:list User'
  5. FIX - Force log rotation if entries in current Consent log are older than 1 year.
  6. FIX - Added cronjob to delete old Consent log archive entries - could not run correctly under some circumstances
  7. FIX - Website was dimmed mobile even if widget was not blocked
  8. FIX - CSS display tables in some templates was not scrollable and partly displayed incorrectly

Version 2022.08.15

15.08.2022 - 559d2d81d75d60161693144d0a0e2fc7fcd5d53a

Time for a new version: all sorts of fixes, changes and a few novelties. The update will be installed as usual via the menu item "Update" or will be downloaded automatically in the next days, if "Auto-Update" is active.

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - New Plugin: Scripts-Platzhlater
  2. NEW - Onboarding: Session-Storage and Local-Storage entries without hits are now listed under "Miscellaneous
  3. NEW - Consent splitting also when submitting forms through Javascript
  4. NEW - The settings icon can now be defined uniformly for account and system themes
  5. FIX - Content-Security-Policy for Single-Sign-On-Plugin adapted
  6. FIX - Data transfer when editing an embedding optimized
  7. FIX - Correctly apply cross-language settings for content pages
  8. FIX - Possible connectivity issues for cURL calls taken into account
  9. FIX - Onboarding: error when adding a domain by a subuser fixed
  10. FIX - ImEx plugin: corrections when transferring group permissions
  11. FIX - Domain list was not loaded for subusers under some circumstances
  12. FIX - Possible problem when editing a theme in MongoDB installations fixed
  13. FIX - Layout: Overlapping of multiline panel headers with other content fixed
  14. FIX - Data cleanup optimized when deleting records
  15. FIX - Inactive user translations in template fixed
  16. FIX - Invalidation of frontend cache optimized
  17. FIX - Time span display for weeks corrected
  18. FIX - Widget corrections for domains created by subusers
  19. FIX - Themes: Apply configured widget buttons correctly
  20. FIX - Translate embeddings with aut. update when languages are enabled
  21. CHANGE - Display active and inactive plugins in separate tabs
  22. CHANGE - Iframe blocker: preview background image is now marked as 'role="presentation"' for ARIA
  23. CHANGE - When calling the details dialog, no longer change hash in URL and avoid 'popstate' event
  24. CHANGE - Widget: X button is now also counted as "reject" if no Consent settings have been made yet

Version 2022.06.30

05.07.2022 - 83feb5c6d2e7ac31e75748f52278f59c1565a773

This version is a small bugfix version. The update will be installed as usual via the menu item "Update" or automatically obtained in the next few days, if auto-update is active.

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - Compressable fonts also gzip/brotli-compressable
  2. NEW - CSV export of the Consent Log added
  3. NEW - Permanent Crawler: new mask for transferring cookies etc. in embeddings
  4. NEW - New group permission to edit "Source code of the embedding
  5. NEW - Update to special version in backend of CCM19 enabled
  6. FIX - Language management, some unsightly bugs in the handling of various languages removed
  7. FIX - Handling in update, some rare bugs in user migration fixed
  8. FIX - improvement in JS / CSS caching
  9. FIX - minor code optimizations

Version 2022.06.01

01.06.2022 - e5b908fea44641885b86dc75b686f5694bf37e74

Many, many adjustments, new features and also corrections come with this version. The update will be installed as usual via the menu item "Update" or will be downloaded automatically in the next days, if auto-update is active.

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - Allow update to special version in the backend of CCM19
  2. NEW - OnBoarding: Automatic embedding update directly (de-)activatable
  3. NEW - OnBoarding: Link found embeddings with automatic update
  4. NEW - Domain management: Collective delete function for active domains extended
  5. NEW - System Log: Download function
  6. NEW - Consent archive: Command line command for migrating
  7. NEW - Log archive for new installations more configurable
  8. NEW - Path to log archive in '.env.local' configurable
  9. NEW - Export now with archived log files, if JSON format
  10. NEW - Help text for "No password" checkbox
  11. NEW - SSO plugin: customers can be created without password (SSO login only)
  12. NEW - SSO-Plugin: Subuser without password createable
  13. NEW - Import now also via Command with transfer of API-Key and Domain-IDs
  14. FIX - Refresh frontend cache independent of backend module
  15. FIX - OnBoarding: Default settings corrected
  16. FIX - Import/Export Plugin: Export of translations corrected
  17. FIX - Import/Export Plugin: Reset domain in case of incorrect import or delete new domains
  18. FIX - Repository change for domains on export corrected
  19. FIX - Use translations of language names in backend selection list
  20. FIX - Country flag assignments of languages corrected
  21. FIX - Accidentally removed languages added again
  22. CHANGE - Brazil-Portuguese disabled as backend language
  23. CHANGE - Renaming "Page-Check" to "Permanent Crawler" applied in several places

Version 2022.05.09

03.05.2022 - b9d815e64871f603a3559124a9b5c8f4b101b0cc

This version is a small bugfix version. The update will be installed as usual via the menu item "Update" or automatically obtained in the next few days, if auto-update is active.

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - Hosting API documentation extended
  2. NEW - Use import / export plugin via console
  3. FIX - Never overwrite plugin directory when updating

Version 2022.05.03

03.05.2022 - 3caba8036f04963043844038841c8c7415344f3e

This version is packed with new features and various fixes. The update will be installed as usual via the menu item "Update" or obtained automatically in the next few days, provided that auto-update is active.

Highlights of this version:

  1. Hosting API - manage customers, domains, themes etc. via REST API (Agency Edition)
  2. Single sign-on (plugin) - enables SSO via external providers with OpenID Connect (OAuth 2.0)

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - Hosting API released - manage clients, domains, integrations and themes via a REST API, among others
  2. NEW - New plugin "Single Sign-on" added
  3. NEW - Plugin-Models can bring model templates with them
  4. NEW - ImEx plugin: export/import customers
  5. NEW - Frontend cache in caching menu item can be emptied separately
  6. NEW - Translations updated
  7. FIX - System themes could not be created if the file 'cm-themes.json' did not yet exist
  8. FIX - In the menu item Bindings for Cookies the fallback language was not displayed if a translation was missing
  9. FIX - Possible problems when operating via load balancer prevented
  10. FIX - Block iframes directly when revoking consent
  11. FIX - Allow iframes when widget is restricted to EU (o. DNT) under certain circumstances
  12. FIX - Login process better secured against timing attacks
  13. FIX - Cache clearing for subusers fixed
  14. CHANGE - Error pages don't get CSP header with 'https://update.ccm19.de' anymore
  15. CHANGE - Embedding auto-update: check for updates more often (6-12 h instead of 24 h)
  16. CHANGE - Embedding-Auto-Update: update now also happens if a new language is activated for which translations are missing

Version 2022.04.22

22.04.2022 - 3dbd1dbf6f23c1ac6ee5ae48f7fe24b7ad39ecda

Due to the Easter vacations there was a little more time than planned between the last and this version. As always, you can install this version via Update or it will be installed automatically in the next days.

The most important points in detail

  1. Login - finally summer
  2. Consent log now searchable by date and ids
  3. Cache output optimized

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - option to include inline scripts without eval function
  2. NEW - Compatibility of detection of pre-compressed resources optimized
  3. NEW - System log: Delete function for logs of past months
  4. NEW - Cache: keep compressed versions directly in RAM when writing for delivery
  5. NEW - When saving in the widget cache directly deliver the compressed version
  6. NEW - Cache: always deliver gzip for Cloudflare
  7. NEW - Loading of technically necessary embeddings can be switched on/off without consent
  8. FIX - Primary color detection optimized for checkboxes and others
  9. FIX - Clear widget cache when updating system themes
  10. FIX - Control language selection by checkbox when generating code in dashboard
  11. FIX - Theme selection for code generation removed from dashboard - caused problems too often
  12. FIX - Permissions for editing individual CSS code corrected
  13. FIX - Mark read-only CodeMirror elements accordingly

Version 2022.03.25

25.03.2022 - f572eb7ee323069153f9eefe5ebee1a8c94c5aec

A small hotfix version with a few optimizations and new options.

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - Loading of technically necessary embeddings without consent can now be turned on/off (Developer settings)
  2. NEW - optimized compatibility of pre-compressed resource detection
  3. FIX - Fixed language selection in setup

Version 2022.03.24

24.03.2022 - 6ee7a1ff282b54600a43ae62f0b5fdd1b937e66c

The new version comes with various fixes and also a few new features. Here are the highlights:

  1. Release of iframes through checkboxes below the element (automatic release of embeds)

Here are the changes in detail:

  1. NEW - Renamed theme prefix in skeleton from ccm19 to ccm
  2. NEW - Set CORS header for app.css (heatmaps, session recording)
  3. NEW - Enable language change of the widget via Javascript
  4. NEW - Switch for arbitrary enabling and disabling of iframes
    • Option in the "Iframes" section to disable/enable the switches
    • Texts of the iframe-consent switches are translatable
  5. FIX - Script loader: queue was not processed under some circumstances
  6. FIX - Corrections within the language settings
  7. FIX - Go to jump mark even if a modal is already loaded
  8. FIX - Include technically necessary bindings even without approval
  9. FIX - Show settings icon only if no modal is active
  10. FIX - Creation of users via API fixed - defaultLocale was not determined correctly..
  11. FIX - Filter out redundant backend languages

The extension for iframes here once in the picture

Iframe activation in frontend

Iframe management in the backend

Version 2022.03.10

10.03.2022 - 53e4915451615897bc3b7c228c103a95fba0f38f

There are again some major new features and adjustments this time and of course as always bugfixing and improvements in small details.

The most important adjustments here:

  1. Individual languagesetting for agencies - you can now set the available languages
  2. Login in desired language with language selection in the login mask
  3. CookieBot Import Plugin - to be able to import domains with all data from Cookiebot.
  4. Compression and optimization backend - it runs smoother now

Here are the changes in detail

  1. NEW - deliver backend CSS also pre-compressed
  2. NEW - Brotli- and Gz-compressed versions of the larger Javascript files integrated
  3. NEW - htaccess: Asset requests (img/, js/, update-progress-download.json, etc.) never send through PHP
  4. NEW - Allow/block list for embedding option "Exclude URLs" added
  5. NEW - Record reloading of external content (iframes) in the Consent log
  6. NEW - Button to manually update imported embeddings
  7. NEW - Note for only tech necessary cookies that possibly a banner is not necessary
  8. FIX - Autoupdate always set to true as template
  9. FIX - Activate Consent-Sharing in Multi-Domain-Edition
  10. FIX - Texts of the iframe blocker per integration translatable
  11. FIX - Added help text for "Auto update" option for embeddings
  12. FIX - ser/system themes: default colors set to "white on black" for new theme
  13. FIX - extra footer for imprint and co. also in system and user themes
  14. FIX - Iframe blocker: ignore iframes with empty src attribute
  15. Fix - Adds compatibility to dynamic iframes included using Fancybox v3.
  16. FIX - Iframe Blocker: Apply blocking mode even if filter list is empty
  17. FIX - Embed templates and import added "script loader group" and "iframes blocking" Embed templates can now have script loader group and blocked iframes Blocked iframes can now also be transferred from cookie DB
  18. FIX - protocol rotation outsourced to cronjob
  19. FIX - several fixes in the statistics plugin
  20. BUMP Packages
  21. BUMP Translations

Version 2022.02.17

17.02.2022 - f495fe06b26cd9fa4b044a1bc8ccc112bc7423bf

There are only a few spectacular new features this time, this is a bugfix release with only 2 minor changes

Here are the changes in detail

  1. NEW - general blocking element under developer settings - this allows to block scripts in general and not unblock them anymore
  2. NEW - use translation of widget buttons in theme configuration
  3. FIX - Disable recursive blocking of iframes
  4. FIX - Optional Consent Lifetime introduced For TCFv2 compliance (Consent valid for max. 13 months)
  5. FIX - Optimized browser compatibility of script loader It is now prevented that Safari preloads scripts and possibly sets cookies.
  6. FIX - Possible errors when previewing system themes fixed, ensure fallback domain
  7. FIX - redirection from / to /public/ fixed Some clients (e.g. the SSLLabs test bot) can't do anything with /./ in the path when redirecting
  8. FIX - fixed several minor rarely occurring PHP errors
  9. FIX - Take target of the settings icon from the theme configuration
  10. FIX - Cookie deletion exception in Agency version in templates fixed
  11. FIX - AB test data - were partially only incompletely used from the archive - is corrected
  12. FIX - Error message fixed, when using the Search & Replace function
  13. FIX - Validation of user input for user management optimized
  14. BUMP Packages
  15. BUMP Translations

Version 2022.02.03

03.02.2022 - 6d4027902e50406f5a26b8829eef83aa3f8b8456

This version brings a number of bug fixes and a note on the news about IAB / TCF, also read here.

The most important adjustments here:

  1. Customers can now decide themselves about mail delivery
  2. New NoLabel functions for agencies integrated

Here are the changes in detail

  1. NEW - new mail handling - users can now make their own settings for the system mails incl. opt out text
  2. NEW - extended handling in the NoLabel area for agencies, logo, background image for login area, link own documentation and much more. - more details here in the docu
  3. NEW - warning if settings icon is deactivated + help text
  4. NEW - Themes: Disable warnings now with Confirm dialog + red exclamation mark
  5. FIX - Smaller fixes in plugin Im/Export to catch more special situations
  6. FIX - Optional Consent Lifetime introduced For TCFv2 compliance (Consent valid max. 13 months)
  7. FIX - Processing of statistics data optimized for cronjobs
  8. FIX - Permissions fixed for user and group management (Previously this was not output in the multidomain version)
  9. FIX - Various fixes for mail sending, variables, placeholders, correct sending
  10. FIX - primary setup file can now switch between de/en
  11. FIX - additional setup files can now switch between all available languages -> download variant only
  12. FIX - subuser can now reach iframes and developer settings.
  13. FIX - background image for themes corrected.
  14. FIX - set Content-Security-Policy in Theme-Preview correctly
  15. FIX - fixed several rare timeout phenomena in PageCheck
  16. BUMP Packages

Version 2022.01.25

25.01.2022 - d57cecc3170b9de6002cc0cf537534966fa567fb

This version brings many bug fixes and some major news and some convenience features.

The most important adjustments here:

  1. New plugin the 2-factor authentication on - more about it here.
  2. New plugin import / export - with this plugin you can import or export complete accounts / domains incl. all settings
  3. And an essential function for the future - closing the widget with an X in the upper right corner.

Here are the changes in detail

  1. NEW - Deny button is now fixed and can only be disabled via the developer settings
  2. NEW - checkbox to deactivate permascanner - there will be NO report anymore... -> multiple customer request
  3. NEW - Close Butto n (X) in the top right of the first widget can now be activated by theme
  4. NEW - Plugin 2-factor authentication
  5. NEW - Import / Export Plugin
  6. FIX - Timeout optimized for PageCheck / Crawler calls
  7. FIX - Consent Sharing displayed a bit better
  8. FIX - Dev Settings are now also displayed in accounts without rights, layout optimized
  9. FIX / NEW - in the Free tariff now a meaningful hint that no plugins are available
  10. FIX - Translations added
  11. FIX - several typos and text output improved
  12. FIX - Linking to the documentation restored at all points after the structure of the documentation was changed
  13. FIX - HTML structure TCF settings
  14. FIX - new IAB providers are now not activated immediately but only after check / hint text for new IAB providers added
  15. FIX - several other fixes in statistics, weeks / months selectable again, negative data due to incorrect calculation corrected
  16. FIX - Pause Google AdSense while Consent is requested
  17. FIX - creation of a theme works now again...
  18. FIX - new embedding from remote DB is now enabled by default
  19. FIX - saving plugin settings in plugin manager:
  20. BUMP Packages

The update is installed as usual via the update section of the CCM19 administration and will be installable in all versions during the next days.

Version 2022.01.13

13.01.2022 - a13fb0519ac9535e3da182c84a1a04d5d9f34dd2

At the end of last year, some major changes have accumulated which we now publish in this release. The most important adjustments here:

  1. Major rebuild in the administration - all complex settings that require higher knowledge when editing web pages have now been consolidated under the new "Developer Settings" item. In the beta phase the feedback of the participating customers was very good: e.g. "Finally more clarity at this point"... About the documentation
  2. The Scripts menu item has been removed and the content has been incorporated under Developer Settings.
  3. There is a new menu item"Iframes". Now all settings regarding iframes like Youtube and co. are defined here.
  4. The plugin infrastructure in the system has been completely rebuilt and completely modernized, more about this soon in the documentation.
  5. Read and write permissions are now separately controllable for subgroups / users
  6. Blocking / releasing of resources now possible via explicit releases in the source code - this prevents premature loading of resources WITHOUT consent that are loaded directly via the HTML source code. Requires however manual intervention into the source code. To the documentation

Here are the changes in detail

  1. FIX - Code cleaned up, PHPdoc optimized
  2. FIX - NEW Cookie Cronjob adjusted so that the data is crawled, but the sending is only done if it should be done actively...
  3. NEW - the found cookies are now checked by the new external crawler on the pages that are listed. If the cookies / LocalStorage etc. are not found there the entries are set to ignore.
  4. NEW - Plugin infrastructure completely rebuilt and modernized, more about this soon in the documentation.
  5. FIX - Keep cache integrity when deleting documents (MongoDB)
  6. FIX - Display tariff panel also in multidom area
  7. FIX - Memory usage statistics optimized
  8. FIX - Possible error fixed when logging in with a non-existent username
  9. FIX - Subusers could not activate the frontend widget by mistake under certain circumstances
  10. FIX - Grant access to newly created domains to the active subuser
  11. FIX - Plugins: Register plugin version change on next cache clear at the latest
  12. FIX - Various minor fixes (static analysis) and code quality assurance
  13. NEW - You can now use the customer API to search for an ID with a string.
  14. FIX _ Translations and Page Check renamed to Permanent Crawler... so it might be clearer what is meant
  15. FIX - Enable plugins in Base-Edition for the main user
  16. FIX - Avoid page reload when re-login to customer account as admin
  17. FIX - Do not record window size for statistics anymore
  18. FIX - Fixed return to correct route on forced logout
  19. FIX - Run session with User-ID instead of Username.
  20. FIX - Check for duplicate usernames reworked
  21. NEW - Make customer usernames changeable in hosting administration
  22. FIX - Take over cookie description texts from embedding templates for correct languages
  23. FIX - Menu sorting corrected
  24. FIX - Hosting dashboard: limit statistics to current month -> performance with large amounts of data

The update is installed as usual via the update section of the CCM19 administration and will be installable in all versions during the next days.

Version 2021.12.17

17.12.2021 - 622ea0aafb16cbf27555aa3640087030798c109d

This version brings a bugfix that fixes blockages that occur on some installations when using the backend.

  1. FIX: Possible deadlocks with PHP session removed

The update is installed as usual via the update section of the CCM19 administration and will be installable in all versions during the next days.

Version 2021.11.30

30.11.2021 - e2358a4bdb4926c1c532c8cbff839e3ea30f949c

Again there are some bugfixes and a major new feature especially for AWIN publishers.

  1. NEW - For AWIN publishers the Consent can now be automatically attached to links and image links
  2. NEW - Too many failed login/recovery attempts will lock out an IP address for 5 minutes
  3. NEW - Bruteforce protection: after failed login the login for a user is blocked for 3 s
  4. NEW - Winter background image in login
  5. NEW - General-API always outputs the data of the last 2 days - in case of doubt also from the archive.
  6. FIX - type assignment of assets from embedding DB
  7. FIX - some cronjobs optimized
  8. FIX - Serbian translations
  9. FIX - MongoDB optimizations performed
  10. FIX - Session / Login problems stopped which were caused by partly erratic cookie settings.
  11. FIX - Correctly determine e-mail address in shipping error message
  12. UPDATE - GeoIP database updated
  13. UPDATE - Dependencies updated

The update is installed as usual via the update section of the CCM19 administration and will be installable in all versions during the next days.

Version 2021.11.18

18.11.2021 - 3f57cdd3d4ee43936954df3c427d48884ff713cd

Some minor bug fixes.

  1. FIX - fixes a path error that prevented the correct display of plugins in the menu in old versions

The update is installed as usual via the update section of the CCM19 administration and will be installable in all versions during the next days.

Version 2021.11.16

16.11.2021 - afb7660db74e56fd81350e1fcd021dd2d7be3d94

Some minor bug fixes.

  1. FIX - Under certain circumstances in the Business / Starter tariff in the download versions there was another incorrect assignment of the tariff - this has now also been fixed
  2. FIX - 2 small error messages were caught
  3. FIX - Display Screenthots in the Theme Preview was also revised and corrected

The update is installed as usual via the update section of the CCM19 administration and will be installable in all versions within the next days.

Version 2021.11.05

05.11.2021 - 4bfb3bfa0f5a13bffc8366537bb0a6bebf9398a6

Here again a small correction.

  1. Under certain circumstances there was a wrong assignment of the tariff in the Business tariff - this has now been fixed

The update is installed as usual via the update area of the CCM19 administration and will be installable in all versions within the next days.

Version 2021.11.04

04.11.2021 - 83f17a115c763a35404e08d85bad23cf4253059e

There is again a new updated version with some minor changes. The most important new features:

  1. NEW - Theme preview now with screenshot of the website in all current versions, unfortunately the old DL versions cannot implement the feature because the domain name is not saved there.
  2. NEW - In the Multi Domain versions the mail templates were activated which are necessary.
  3. NEW - Preparation for new tariffs - does not affect existing customers.
  4. NEW - Gleittarife for existing users in the current tariffs now possible
  5. NEW - Support for preloader etc. by triggering the 'load' event in the iframe
  6. FIX - when switching between 2 domains the session was not reloaded immediately, the data was not updated correctly, works now
  7. FIX - AB test data was not generated, works now again...
  8. FIX - reset license key now also resets the tariff data correctly again
  9. FIX - some problems with processing of old licenses was not taken into account.

The update is installed as usual via the update area of the CCM19 administration and will be installable in all versions within the next days.

Version 2021.10.19

19.10.2021 - d47f92e5d3929300b2d09f4ec14c08e0bdb4c048

Here are a few small fixes and optimizations right after. The most important new features:

  1. Browser compatibility of the iframe blocker optimized
  2. Templates of the account-wide translations corrected (among other things Serbian in Latin alphabet reinserted)

The update is installed as usual via the update section of the CCM19 administration and will be installable in all versions within the next days.

Version 2021.10.18

18.10.2021 - 476e754de57d374133188de143505a65a7338f48

Once again, there are some new features - and a number of minor bug fixes. The most important new features:

  1. With the cache optimization, the load time for customer pages improves teiweilse by a factor of 10 to about 30-60 ms, and the load of the agency installations drops massively by about 50-60%.
  2. More languages added, Danish, Greek, Irish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, Romanian, Slovenian, Slovak, Turkish, Finnish, Serbian, Croatian

The update is installed as usual via the update section of the CCM19 administration and will be installable in all versions during the next days.

The changes briefly summarized:

  1. NEW - Logo/settings icon resettable
  2. NEW - Now by default no nudging themes - background see also here
  3. NEW - Refresh widget cache contextually for appropriate domains
  4. NEW - Widget cache active by default
  5. NEW - List widget cache size under "Caching
  6. NEW - FAll background image
  7. NEW - added more languages, Danish, Greek, Irish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, Romanian, Slovenian, Slovak, Turkish, Finnish
  8. NEW - Language selector backend top menu made 3 columns - looks better like this.
  9. FIX - Serbian now in Latin
  10. FIX - htaccess: Brotli support removed by default
  11. FIX - Display statistics data in dashboard, data was not correct. Possibly after the update once in the Advanced Statistics Plugin must be clicked on Import data from archive.
  12. FIX - Error in the statistics graphic Linux was counted twice by Android Phones.
  13. FIX - 'SessionHandler::gc(): ps_files_cleanup_dir' error avoid
  14. FIX - Set DE as default country in user instead of domains
  15. FIX - Accessibility: Keyboard operation of "Select file" buttons when uploading logos
  16. FIX - Reset cache also in UserLocale and UserThemeManager
  17. FIX - Lock handling in Update, another step to improve updateability.
  18. FIX - Language recognition in widget cache, and further optimizations in cache
  19. FIX - timeout configured for communication with license server
  20. FIX - old images removed
  21. FIX - tariff buttons in account moved to the top
  22. FIX - fixed preview of account and system wide themes
  23. BUMP packages

Version 2021.09.21

21.09.2021 - 86b4ddc8f466443d5cde46f002dd53efcf1cc86b

Again there are some new features - with a very big one.

  1. From now on with MongoDB support. With this release we unlock MongoDB support, which has been running in the background for a long time, for all major download versions.
  2. And as always a number of bugfixes

The update is installed as usual via the update section of the CCM19 administration and will be installable in all versions within the next days.

The changes briefly summarized:

  1. NEW - MongoDB Install now possible
  2. NEW - Console Commands for Update Component
  3. FIX - Browser compatibility of the widget optimized
  4. FIX - Disabling multiple embeds via category switch fixed
  5. FIX - Language template - there was wrong data in it - also fixed directly in the cloud (cm-user-locales.json)
  6. FIX - AB Test Plugin runs now again via the central administration... adjust on occasion...
  7. FIX - Route AB Tests Plugin
  8. FIX - SubUserGruppen now also with access to plugins - that was missing the whole time...
  9. FIX - composer.json's of the plugins completed
  10. FIX - catch empty data in imprint, privacy and accessibility - otherwise it bangs...
  11. FIX - save broken data in AB tests...
  12. FIX - calculation statistic data... there was still an error in the summing up
  13. FIX - activate import from archive only with json-repo, is not necessary with mongodb because no auto-archiving takes place
  14. FIX - : System log: Month selection for MongoDB fixed
  15. FIX - Log password resets via command line
  16. FIX - Downgrade via command line also disables AutoUpdates
  17. FIX - Compatibility with php-mongodb 1.5-1.8
  18. FIX - Bot detection: detection of Google bots improved
  19. FIX - Tariff messages written a bit more detailed.
  20. FIX - Consent log JSON export fixed
  21. BUMP Packages

Version 2021.09.07

07.09.2021 - b79d4ff66534cabd9850d340fc44a008323ca3bc

This version brings some important new features after the summer break:

  1. Enhanced caching of the widgets - thus call times of about 30ms are possible
  2. Dynamic reloading of large widget masks - this makes initial calls much smaller and faster
  3. Google Consent Mode
  4. Automatic update of embeddings and cookie descriptions from our database, which means that your texts are automatically kept up to date!
  5. And dozens of bugfixes

The update is installed as usual via the update section of the CCM19 administration and will be installable in all versions during the next days.

The changes briefly summarized:

  1. NEW - Initialize Consent options for reloaded widget elements
  2. NEW - Generate compressed variants of 'ccm19.components.min.js'
  3. NEW - Cache: Generate and deliver compressed variants
  4. NEW - Widget cache: "304 Not Modified" shortcut
  5. NEW - Google Consent Mode: also in system embeddings
  6. NEW - Apply Google Consent Mode
  7. NEW - Google Consent Mode: show in embedding create dialog
  8. NEW - Color backend changed - brought closer to the web site colors
  9. NEW - Consider option "Show only in EU?" in widget cache
  10. NEW - Google Consent Mode: show in embedding create dialog
  11. NEW - Generate user-consent-ID (ucid) client-side
  12. NEW - Frontend behavior extended by "Enable widget cache" option
  13. NEW - Caching for frontend entry point implemented
  14. NEW: Show Consent dialog again if embeddings have been changed
  15. NEW - Capture timestamp of legally relevant changes to embeddings
  16. NEW - For "Show only in EU" also play in Switzerland
  17. NEW - EmbeddingDb: Transfer asset storage type correctly from database
  18. NEW - Darken screen when reloading; prevent simultaneous reloading
  19. NEW - Reload detail window including TCF overhead on request
  20. NEW - Update state management also for grouping TCF checkboxes
  21. NEW - Preset TCF checkboxes based on new state management
  22. NEW -TemplateRenderEvent introduced and payment plugin separated from core code
  23. FIX - Added new translations
  24. FIX - take default language for hosting embeddings system configuration
  25. FIX - incorrectly execute User Update Settings
  26. FIX - set permissions for generated files
  27. FIX - Use Host+Schema with as Cache Salt
  28. FIX - Etag added at login check
  29. FIX - Reopen nested tabs correctly on page reload
  30. FIX - Assignment of menu items in Menu Manager
  31. FIX - Tab change based on fragment only if tab button is not hidden
  32. FIX - Added hint regarding limited functionality when cache is active
  33. FIX - Calls via bin/console fixed
  34. FIX - Avoid double escaping with 'replace_placeholders
  35. FIX - Clear widget cache when domain specific data has been customized
  36. FIX - Backport Automatic Consent Reset to Cookie Model + Fixes
  37. FIX - Styling setting Consent override
  38. FIX - Activating an embedding does not yet trigger a legally relevant change
  39. FIX - Onboarding revision
  40. FIX - Onboarding references and use statement fixed
  41. FIX - Statistics plugin display data optimized
  42. FIX - Login-Check: Transmission of AppId in '/login/check' removed
  43. FIX - Login-Check: No more confusion with multiple CCM19 installations on the same domain
  44. FIX - Template "Template" removed from templates
  45. FIX - OnBoarding revision: made multi-language capable
  46. FIX - Embedding DB revision: handle special case ccm_consent already in 'EmbeddingDb
  47. FIX - Prefetching of the detail dialog
  48. FIX - Allowed embeddings were sometimes not captured correctly
  49. FIX - Update 'embedding.consent' when switching a category
  50. FIX - Logging of SystemEmbedding updates
  51. FIX - Cronjob system restructured
  52. FIX - Prename error in the imprint crawler fixed and the whole names added on the basis the crawler Mr/Woman determines if it does not stand in the imprint in it...
  53. FIX - Makefile extended again so that also the with the countries runs through...
  54. FIX - Translations: Date schemes added
  55. FIX - Update: Check if CCM19 main directory is writable
  56. FIX - Detect and reverse widget removal by frameworks
  57. FIX - 'TemplateRenderEvent::extendTemplate()' added
  58. FIX - typos
  59. FIX - various fixes in the handling of the cache / templates as part of the update

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