Changelog CCM19 05.05.2021 - 04.08.2021

You can read about it here: Behind the scenes, we are constantly working on improvements to our Cookie Consent Manager.

Version 2021.08.04

04.08.2021 - 39dddefc8e3088564201bc00f817ba6d0f4c21e2

This version includes some performance optimizations, improvements in reloading blocked scripts and of course some bugfixes.

The update is installed as usual via the update section of the CCM19 administration.

A short summary of the changes:

  1. NEW - GeneralAPI: Compatibility with new LogStream system
  2. NEW - Domain-Embeddings: Take over based on CookieDB-IDs instead of Cookie-Names
  3. NEW - Admin-Embeddings: Accept based on CookieDB-IDs instead of Cookie-Names
  4. NEW - Make fallback language selectable for the user
  5. NEW - Sort country selection
  6. NEW - Change translation system to new '/share/' structure
  7. NEW - Check for CCM19 script optimized for external resources
  8. NEW - TCF: Publisher-TC removed from TC-String due to coding problems
  9. NEW - Embedding-DB: Listing of possible embeddings via new APIv2
  10. NEW - Pagination of Protocol and SystemLog optimized
  11. NEW - New 'LogStream'-component for storage of 'Protocol' and 'SystemLog'
  12. NEW - Separation of supplied models and dynamic models
  13. BUMP - Composer packages updated
  14. FIX - Login: Minor fixes/optimizations
  15. FIX - Code optimizations
  16. FIX - Prevent possible deadlocks
  17. FIX - Determine column width when displaying DataTables
  18. FIX - Error handling for system log changed to new repo system
  19. FIX - User-Locales: Only delete translations that will be overwritten during Deploy
  20. FIX - Missing translation added
  21. FIX - Change of UserLocale 'cz_CZ' to 'cs'
  22. FIX - Show placeholder for e-mail templates in each edition
  23. FIX - Apply category translations in inclusion/cookie management
  24. FIX - Languages corrected, esp. language code of Czech
  25. FIX - Sequentially reload scripts with defer attribute
  26. FIX - Observe logical order when reloading scripts
  27. FIX - Function 'Utils.fnmatch()' added to cookie management structure
  28. FIX - Preserve numeric IDs when cumulating registered languages
  29. FIX - Translations updated
  30. FIX - Full URLs in preload headers - could reduce warnings in Safari
  31. FIX - Include database translations in NoLabel imports
  32. FIX - Clean up total cache node depth on writes
  33. FIX - Access to undefined variable fixed
  34. FIX - Deprecation warning for Symfony debug component fixed
  35. FIX - SubGroups repository now in user context for account owner
  36. FIX - Setup: Accessibility
  37. FIX - Default value for widget positioning if empty

Version 2021.07.15

15.07.2021 - e43ecdfc729cfd66c2b893d4b0b680d9b84c9271

Fixes a display problem in the stats, date selection was broken.

Version 2021.07.14

14.07.2021 - 69accf3758eb6254c5e0f12b667329c0edfb7879

Today there is a bugfix release with rel. few new items, we are currently working almost 100% on a port to MongoDB which will hopefully be available to all in mid-August.

Here is a short summary of the changes:

  1. NEW - New translations for texts / languages are now transferred from the skeleton to the accounts when the menu item is called
  2. NEW - Translation also considers the user-locales skeleton...
  3. NEW - Translations also to CZ
  4. NEW - target blank for imprint and DS link enabled
  5. NEW - Show extra footer in category window... partly legal request from customers
  6. NEW - TECH - Languages are now queried via function in LocaleService.
  7. FIX - Email connection security could not be set to "none", now this works
  8. FIX - Login Admin - in rare cases there was an error because no array was available
  9. FIX - Subuser display themes works in preview again
  10. FIX - Take over language entries from Skeleton to transfer new data.
  11. FIX - Dashboard streamlined
  12. FIX - Integration check optimized
  13. FIX - Translations updated
  14. FIX - Global session handling corrected
  15. FIX - Onboarding now works correctly again, gave an error under certain conditions
  16. FIX - Text to view more details made customizable as well as translatable.
  17. FIX - Session handling optimized
  18. FIX - Block access during the critical update phase to fix the caching problems with the updates that occurred sporadically from time to time
  19. FIX - Fetch domain name correctly if it starts with http & Co - otherwise there were constructs like https://https//ccm19.de during scanning
  20. FIX - consider language abbreviations when saving in the accessibility section
  21. FIX - Coding problem also fixed for purposes translation
  22. FIX - Coding problem with translation fixed


Version 2021.06.29

29.06.2021 - 84fa02b032a6eb3e061cd32a22756171e1786344

There are some major changes today. The most important one in advance - finally we unlock the A/B test plugin that has been eagerly awaited by many for a long time. Here in the screenshot you can see a test analysis once

Cookie Banner A/B Test

In addition, we have also reworked the statistics plugin, so that the data seen here will be processed and displayed there.

The changes briefly summarized:

  1. NEW - A/B Test Plugin
  2. NEW - new login image
  3. NEW - Restore original iframe on release with the iframe blocker
  4. UPDATE - Statistics Plugin now processes new data
  5. FIX - import new theme templates into existing accounts
  6. FIX - transfer correct purpose from DB
  7. FIX - more save buttons when editing texts
  8. FIX - set min. button width for theme position bottom left/right
  9. FIX - fixed wrong language entry for embedding names for multilingualism
  10. BUMP Packages

Version 2021.06.24.2

24.06.2021 - 020e22867433d19ac341e58eb282cf862f3279cc

And some minor fixes

The changes briefly summarized:

  1. FIX - Transfer of data from the old cookie setting adapted to current conditions
  2. FIX - Avoid error message with unencrypted SMTP configuration
  3. FIX - Routing error with plugins corrected, data is now displayed correctly again

Version 2021.06.24

24.06.2021 - b2bdeceebb75181b0312961db366752278305820

The menu item IAB Framework was forgotten during the conversion of the dynamic menu items and is now added

The changes briefly summarized:

  1. FIX - Add IAB Menu Item

Version 2021.06.22

23.06.2021 - 317c60ac5609360da6951f2b2e643333e04ee406

This update mainly provides various fixes and optimizations.

The changes are briefly summarized:

  1. FIX - Error pages with invalid URLs corrected
  2. FIX - Transfer of URL at "Add domain via onboarding" corrected
  3. NEW - Internal dynamic management of menu items
  4. NEW - Subusers don't need rights to the domain manager anymore (Full-Service, Agency-Edition)
  5. FIX - Breadcrumbs in several menu items corrected
  6. FIX - Removed surplus files
  7. FIX - Duplicate translations removed and menu related translations corrected
  8. NEW - Determine scrollbar width dynamically for occlusion purposes
  9. NEW - Preparation of new CCM19 edition
  10. FIX - No abort on invalid date values in global cookie DB
  11. NEW - Embedding structure status in domain listing (full service, agency version)
  12. NEW - Show active theme in domain listing (full service, agency version)
  13. NEW - Preselection of the country when creating a new domain
  14. FIX - Statistics code revised
  15. FIX - Datatable translations corrected

Version 2021.06.15

15.06.2021 - dabcb20d4fe99f1a9e07dee1547f8d1bce6e6b08

This update provides, in addition to various fixes and optimizations, a visual selection of themes - as seen here in the screenshot, in addition there are now the new pre-populated position views bottom left and bottom right.

Cookie Banner Layout

Furthermore, consents can now be realized per domain depending on the subdirectory. What does that mean? For example, you can use your_page.com/en_DE/ and your_page.com/en_US/ to query your own consents and set your own scripts and cookies. Especially in multilingual implementations very useful!

NEW - Preview image clickable

  1. NEW - Blocking function is also displayed in the preview
  2. NEW - Display theme preview optimized a little bit and DEL button in the default theme removed...
  3. NEW - other Cookies are summarized under a Vendor "Other"...
  4. NEW - Selection of the Themes revised - now with Pseudovisual better represented...
  5. NEW - TCF-API: Simplify debugging
  6. NEW - Extended TCF Storage Disclosures: CORS Fix
  7. NEW - Show extended TCF Storage Disclosures in Frontend.
  8. NEW - New route: 'tcf/{vendor}/disclosures.json'
  9. NEW - Set order of widget buttons by theme configuration
  10. NEW - set the language via Lang parameter in the onboarding... after login it goes directly to the interface in the appropriate language
  11. NEW - fixed sporadic error when importing from embedding DB
  12. NEW - Access-Control-Header for internal Cronjobs
  13. NEW - Google Additional Consent Mode
  14. NEW - Apply selection type "Switch" also in main widget window
  15. NEW - Translations extended with the new entries for deleting accounts...
  16. NEW - Toglle Delete List hook - can be toggled all
  17. BUMP all packages
  18. FIX - Layout bug in setup - headline and backgroundimage were not correct anymore and have been corrected
  19. FIX - unnecessary files deleted, typos fixed
  20. FIX - Create new domains everywhere with the administration structure "Embedding
  21. FIX - Domain creation during setup removed, because obsolete
  22. FIX - Logout-GET-Route
  23. FIX - Preview account- and system-wide themes fixed
  24. FIX - Fixed cookie lifetime calculation on display
  25. FIX - Translations / language management under texts and languages a bit more understandable implemented...

  26. FIX - For now always accept default language 'de' for Embedding-DB
  27. FIX - Revision of EmbeddingDB code
  28. FIX - Avoid errors in error message page
  29. FIX - When loading domains always check if a user is active
  30. FIX - Avoid errors in cronjob loading
  31. FIX - Removed possible deadlock in cron jobs
  32. FIX - Discard invalid log entries
  33. FIX - CORS for CronWorker fixed
  34. FIX - CronWorker: use 403 instead of 401 for errors
  35. FIX - DE translations corrected
  36. FIX - Set default locale for sub-users correctly
  37. FIX - Always use the domain repository of the account owner
  38. FIX - Cron: introduce global cron key
  39. FIX - Determine theme in code snippet for CCM19 integration
  40. FIX - Performance optimized

Version 2021.05.26

27.05.2021 - 04f1c4a3e5c4dfdb74170cbb7ceb2e4dfbdc16e8

This update provides various fixes and optimizations, a version of the cookie dialog with selection type "switch" in the main window, the Google Additional Consent Mode for TCFv2 and in the Agency version a collective delete function for customer accounts.

The changes briefly summarized:

  1. FIX - Handle domains, locales, themes and the domain index correctly even for subusers
  2. FIX - Available menu items based on group permissions corrected
  3. NEW - Save embedding source (self created or imported) internally
  4. NEW - new images
  5. FIX - Problem with import from cookie database, if German was not the default language, fixed
  6. FIX - Avoid errors in error message page
  7. FIX - When loading domains always check if a user is active, especially with cron jobs
  8. FIX - Possible deadlock in cron jobs fixed
  9. FIX - Discard invalid log entries
  10. FIX - Cron jobs: use 403 instead of 401 for errors
  11. NEW - Google Additional Consent Mode
  12. FIX - Translations corrected
  13. NEW - Apply selection type "Switch" also in main widget window
  14. NEW - Collective delete function for inactive customer accounts (Agency version)

Version 2021.05.14

14.05.2021 - 70568c764bc0f22c3ab7f2bf9ffeb8eacfe0eed4

With this update, we are following up with a fix that addresses an issue with creating embeds for some users and now put the domain of the CCM19 installation in the subject of update notification emails on self-service installations.

A brief summary of the changes:

  1. FIX - Embeddings: always determine default translation correctly
  2. NEW - Show domain in subject of auto-update and update-available emails

Version 2021.05.11

11.05.2021 - 0d6386caa4a83a630554f8a6b595fcb6cae6d40e

This update provides updates to onboarding and frontend translations, as well as minor technical optimizations.

The most important changes are summarized below:

  1. FIX - Onboarding no longer fails if 0 cookies are found
  2. FIX - Onboarding now also overwrites old entries as warned
  3. FIX - Removed irrelevant service definitions for plugins, PSR-4 is already used instead
  4. FIX - Update notice emails now always use the name of the administrator in the salutation for the agency version
  5. NEW - Dynamic Content-Security-Policy for URLs in individual CSS. The necessary domains are automatically extracted from the CSS
  6. NEW - Translations can now be predefined for all domains of a user and overridden per domain in the full service version and agency versions
  7. NEW - Certain IP addresses (e.g. in-house) and user agents can now be excluded from the call count
  8. Project dependencies updated

Version 2021.05.06

07.05.2021 - c075e7458de4e78abdb675834cf4c79d6d977446

With this update there are - besides minor fixes - a new convenience feature that simplifies the re-login after session expiration, a better cooperation of the page check with XSS filters (e.g. with Cloudflare) and a fix of the TCFv2 functionality that eliminates in some constellations occurring error messages with Google AdSense.

The changes briefly summarized:

  1. Session expired hint: Enable direct re-login
  2. Submit HTML code in page check Base64 encoded to appease XSS filters
  3. FIX - Base64 length calculation in certain constellations in TC string corrected
  4. FIX - Correction of test e-mail dispatch
  5. FIX - Warning fixed for PHP 8

Version 2021.05.05

05.05.2021 - 7b4b4cd817c51baa29f9096f6ded24fed34e323a

With this update there is a new login screen and the testmail can now be sent to a free address in the SelfService version.

A short summary of the changes:

  1. NEW - New login picture cherry blossom
  2. NEW - freely selectable test email


//Photoby Ross Findon | unsplash