CCM19: Cookie Consent Tool for Publishers - IAB / TCF v2.0

IAB Logo Publishers need an IAB certified CMP to fulfill all requirements of the IAB in the current variant TCF v2.0 easily, fast and smoothly.

In CCM19 you activate TCF v2.0 simply by clicking in the interface - ready. This way you secure your advertising revenue for the future!

This version is completely on your servers and infrastructure if desired. So you can offer your customers a one-stop service and keep the accruing data completely under control.

Try | IAB / TCF v2.0 Demo Version online

Here you can access the version and test it completely.
Access with username: demo - password: demo - have fun!


Easiest integration: Activate TCF v2.0 per click

TCF-v2 iAB simply activate with a click Cookie Consent

The IAB keeps an extremely long catalogue of requirements, which you can hardly fulfill without special knowledge.

CCM19 takes the worry out of fulfilling these guidelines, because in CCM19 all requirements are automatically fulfilled. Manage all offered vendors and suppliers in the interface.

If you wish to exclude certain vendors, you can do so using the screen visible below.

Simply activate the TCF 2.0 mask with a click, the bottom line is that this is the only technical thing you need to know.


The IAB specifies a lot in terms of user interface, starting from the position of the buttons, when and where the providers are to be seen, which data has to be displayed when and where, up to the contrast ratios of the buttons.

The point behind this, of course, is to create comparability between all users and thus standardize the process of obtaining consent for all.

CCM19 gives you the maximum freedom for individual adjustments within the framework of these specifications. Use our interface for a user experience that suits your website individually!

Of course, CCM19 also makes sure that the requirements are met when editing the mask, e.g. by automatically calculating the contrast ratios. So you can not bypass the specifications even accidentally.


IAB tcf v2.0 compliant Consent mask

Integrate all other providers easily

TCF-v2 iAB incl. other providers

Many providers of scripts and services are not part of the IAB framework at all, yet of course you need to inform visitors about them. For this reason CCM19 gives you the possibility to include these providers in the IAB/TCF V2 mask.

Many hundreds of providers are in our database, which you can simply add to your mask with a click. You can edit them as usual in the administration of CCM19.

So you can elegantly cover both areas with one query of the visitors and keep the effort for you as an operator as well as for the visitors as usual low.


All standard functions fully integrated

  • Special agency version - Consent transfer between domains
  • Runs WITHOUT reloading the page
  • Any number of calls
  • Collect & save consents
  • Template for Google Analytics
  • Template for Google Adsense
  • Template for Facebook Pixel
  • Output individual texts
  • Multilingual in the admin
  • Multilingual in the frontend with language selection
  • NoLabel capable
  • Integrated geolocation - display only for visitors from the EU
  • Cookie Box easy to design
  • 100 % customizable layout
  • Individual fonts possible
  • New cookies can be automatically preset via cookie database.
  • Use your own logo
  • Detailed cookie & script management
  • Support via phone, email and website chat
  • Template for Google TagManager
  • Blocking of iframes
  • Template for Matomo
  • Embed arbitrary JS code and get consent
  • Various fade out options
  • Detection of JS insertion, e.g. Youtube, Vimeo
  • Individual cookie runtime possible
  • Do-not-track support
  • Permanent cookie and script scanner with log function
  • Acceptance of recognized cookies
  • Blocking of foreign & own (Java) scripts possible
  • Various fade-in options, top, bottom, centered
  • Integration via JS code snippet in every site/system
  • CMS/Shopsystem independent
  • Consent by cookie groups
  • Detection of foreign cookies
  • Automatic deletion of foreign firstparty cookies
  • Detection of not controlled integration of Javascript
  • Frontend mask (de)activatable
  • Automatic updates
  • Use of placeholders
  • Automatic display of administration icon

Installation service on request

We install the TCF v2.0 version turnkey on the server of your choice - without additional installation costs! Of course you can also install this version yourself, a detailed installation guide can be found here.

Included in all Business and Enterprise versions

The TCF V2 function is included in all Business and Enterprise versions and can be easily activated at any time, an overview of the available versions and prices can be found here.

Who trusts in CCM19

A selection of our Cookie Consent customers A selection of our Cookie Consent customers


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