TTDSG Cookie Banner Full Secure Package

How you as a website or online shop operator get your site TTDSG fine safe without huge technical effort.

If you, like many others, have considered the topic of cookie banners and cookies a bit more secondary so far, then you will have a bigger problem from 01.12.2021.

From then on, the new TTDSG applies, which the last federal government passed shortly before the end of the 2021 legislature. It states:

The storage of information in the end user's terminal equipment or access to information already stored in the terminal equipment is only permitted if the end user has consented on the basis of clear and comprehensive information. The information of the end user and the consent shall be provided in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

This means that cookies or other elements that are stored in the browser (except for technically necessary ones) must necessarily have been released by the visitor.

Otherwise, fines of up to 300,000 EUR may be imposed!

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We help you with the "Full Secure Package"!

Balance & Help

The solution for the TTDSG fine problem is our "Full Secure Package". We have implemented so many packages in the course of the last time that it will probably be difficult for you to surprise us with another request, but of course we gladly accept the challenge!

Take advantage of our experience and knowledge from many thousands of projects - as a cookie consent tool operator with hundreds of millions of hits per month, we have this experience, so you get this problem quickly and effectively out of the world.

What is in the package?

  1. The complete clean, correct and TTDSG secure integration of all services and cookies of your site into the Cookie Banner by specially trained staff.
  2. A certificate including a comprehensive and detailed log of all services and cookies set up, carried out and checked by certified cookie specialists. With this you can prove that everything has been implemented correctly.
  3. A legal opinion from an external lawyer, which confirms and proves the correct and TTDSG-compliant implementation.
  4. Permanent monitoring of the settings and review of necessary adjustments.

With this package in hand, you can return to your actual business with peace of mind!


What is the procedure?

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