IAB certified TCFv2.0 CMP: CCM19 integrated framework

Sell online with the TCFv2.0 CMP CCM19

Advertise, offer, sell online - but legally secure! As a certified TCFv2.0 CMP, CCM19 now offers the optional integration of the IAB Europe framework.

Service providers, advertisers, shop operators and the entire guild of online marketers felt dangerously thwarted in their digital growth by DSGVO and rulings of the ECJ. The development of cookie management platforms such as CCM19 now provides reliable, manageable solutions to give users back control over their data.

Business organisation IAB Europe also set about the Sisyphean task of reconciling the desire for growth in the digital world with the demand for transparency and freedom of choice for users.

The resulting current framework, TCF v2.0, allows users to choose between consenting and objecting to the processing of their data, but also allows them to control which providers are allowed to process data and to what extent. At the same time, publishers have the ability to control how they work with data processing providers. Providers of tracking technologies now know in advance with legal certainty whether and which personal data they are allowed to process. Thus, the TCF v2.0 framework allows publishers to continue to finance themselves through relevant advertising and brands to reach their audience in the future.

CCM19 supports the digital advertising and marketing business in Europe

With the integration of the TCF v2.0 framework into our Cookies Management Platform CCM19 we support the digital advertising and marketing business in Europe. The application is optionally available and has been optimally prepared by us (see ChangeLog for Cookie Consent Manager) for use within CCM19 by means of a large number of adjustments.



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